Election ballot tips

I have been working in the Board of Elections office (temporarily) to help out until the general election (presidential) is over. We have been getting LOTS of calls about the mailings so I thought I’d try to clear it up some in case you have questions.

There have been (so far) four different absentee ballot applications sent to people. Two of them are from one of the political parties, one is from a non profit group and one is from Frank LaRose, the Secretary of State. ALL of these are legal. You only need to send ONE back to the office IF you want to vote ABSENTEE (by mail). If there is a problem with your application, as in missing/wrong information, we will contact you with the steps you’ll need to take. (That being said, IF you get more than one Application, hold onto to it in case you’ll need to redo yours).

If you want to drop your Application off at the office, you’re welcome to come in and we’ll look at it to make sure all information is filled out on it before you leave. PLEASE do not send more than one Application unless we contact you for it.

Also please DO NOT fill out the Application if you plan to go to the polls or come in early to vote in the office.

Early voting and Ballot mail outs start Oct. 6.

You can drop your applications (and ballots when you get them) at the office if you don’t want to mail them.

If the office is closed, there is a mail slot box in the door and by the time the ballots go out there will be a ballot box outside our office. Office is at 204 Davis Ave. Suite B. Right below Marietta High School.

Wanted to get this out in hopes that it would help someone if they had questions as we have been swamped with calls. It has been very confusing for everyone. If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact the Board of Election office at 740-374-6828.

I have to also say that working with the ladies in this office, you can be sure your vote will count! They are very efficient and cross every T and dot every I!

Thank you for taking the time to read this and Have a Blessed Day!

Sheila Lovett



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