Please vote early

I am 80 years old and live in an assisted/independent-living community. When the pandemic became apparent, our director acted quickly to restrict visitors, mandate masks and make other changes to keep us safe and we have had no cases of Covid-19. It’s very simple and I don’t know why folks still don’t “get it.” If you wash your hands, wear a face mask, keep a distance from others and stay away from crowds, the coronavirus will diminish so that everyone can go back to work and to school and we can get on with our lives.

In order to keep us safe, family members have to be screened and wear a mask when they come to see us. I have seen family outside their relative’s apartment visiting through a window, rain or shine. It is not very pleasant in the heat of summer. Some of our relatives are at some distance from us but we make the best of it because we want to be safe and we want our fellow residents to be safe. And we consider ourselves lucky to be so well housed and fed when there are many who are not.

President Trump will never assume a leadership role in helping us rid ourselves of this pandemic. He doesn’t seem to get the connection between everyone taking responsibility for themselves in slowing the spread of the virus which would enable all of us to get back to work and to school while awaiting a vaccine. Mr. Trump doesn’t seem to understand the science and his ignorance confuses his followers who continue to endanger themselves and everyone around them resulting in thousands more needless deaths.

In the meantime, people of all ages are forced to stay home causing more businesses to close, more people to lose their jobs and more to become homeless. Schools are confused about whether or not they can safely open and stay open – it’s a real mess! We don’t have a president who cares enough or is capable of solving the problem. And Mr. Trump’s rhetoric about a “rigged” election if he does not win is a threat to our peaceful transfer of power.

Russia is again meddling in our election – on social media like Facebook and who knows where else. Please get your information from this newspaper and other main-street media and consider voting for the Democratic Party in November – Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. Cast your vote for decency, honesty and integrity. Our Democracy depends on it. And vote early. President Trump has even screwed up the U.S. Postal Service.

Carol Lazear Mitchell



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