Violence today is similar to French Revolution

I recently saw a television guest seek to justify violence in some of our urban centers by comparing it to events surrounding the founding of this country in 1776. Nothing could be further from the truth. What is going on in our cities today is far more similar to the wanton violence and destruction perpetrated by radicals during the French Revolution.

American Founders like John Adams and Patrick Henry stood against King George III originally in an effort to defend their rights as Englishmen. They sought to preserve rights guaranteed to all British subjects in Magna Charta and by the English Constitution. By contrast, French revolutionaries sought the complete destruction of the old order and the creation of something entirely new. They attacked those institutions that embodied French history and tradition, namely the monarchy, the aristocracy, and the Church.

Today’s revolutionaries also strike at symbols of American authority, tradition, and history by tearing down historical monuments, desecrating churches, and attacking another symbol of authority – the police. Their motivation is not the reform of this country. It is the destruction of America and everything it has represented for over two centuries.

The elected leaders of the cities where violence is taking place have largely failed in their response. The time is quickly passing for them to claim they were taken by surprise. With each passing day it appears more and more that they are sympathetic to the radical motivations of the rioters. The appalling abdication of their responsibility to provide for the protection of their citizens (and their property) must end immediately.

Kevin J. Ritter,

Washington County Commissioner


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