We can do better

My father had not even finished school when he volunteered for WWII. PaPa served in the Army Airforce as a door gunner. My husband was drafted into the Army during the Vietnam war and ended up on the DMZ in Korea with duties as a crew chef for a helicopter unit. According to our current President, my PaPa, my husband, and all those brave souls underground in military cemeteries should be considered “suckers and losers”.

This from a man who used daddy’s wealth and influence to claim “heel spurs” avoiding service to this country.

Perhaps we might have guessed his attitude when he dissed John McCain for his ordeal in captivity. Trump also treats Gold Star families poorly, uses the military for his personal political purposes, told a military widow that her husband “knew what he signed up for” and forgot the soldier’s name.

Trump saw no problem with accepting a purple heart from a veteran. “I always wanted to get the Purple Heart.

This was much easier,” he said. Easier indeed! He hugs our flag while he tells lie after lie. When confronted with the truth, states he is misunderstood.

How tragic that an American President is disdainful and mocking to the men and women who sacrifice for us.

Veterans and their families deserve respect and recognition.

My dad would be in total disbelief if he had lived to witness this total disregard for our military. Keep the future of our democracy mind when you cast your ballot in the upcoming election. We can do better, I have hope that we can.

Debra L. Miller



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