An observation on “Your vote has never been more important”

Re: Readers Letters of Oct. 22, 2020, Mr. Bob Rhoads describes with great acumen why America need not experiment with “false promises of radical socialism.” Socialism’s failure is evidenced throughout the world.

As we look back to number of example publications of the science fiction literary genre by renowned authors dating back to early 16th Century, Thomas Moore’s “Utopia” portraits a community controlled by pattern of living with unbreakable rules with harsh consequences from birth to last day on earth. Many other works have been published with similar theme such as Ray Bradbury’s “Fahrenheit 451,” Huxley’s “Brave New World,” and George Orval’s “1084 .”

Closer to today is the contemporary Lois Lawry’s “The Giver,” published in 1993, a dystopian novel. Here we are trapped in a controlled society. There is no “free will,” rules must be followed supposedly for everyone’s benefit.

A society devoid of emotions and feelings, at the same time it is an orderly obedient society which is free from pain and chaos caused by humans. Everything is taken care by community. Freedom of choice and individuality are unknown concepts. Can we recognize similarities of “The Giver” to that of false promises of radical socialism?

Val Hoover



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