Drawing parallels

The parallels between Adolf Hitler and Donald J. Trump are mind boggling.

They follow the same tactics: condemn the press, never take responsibility, get rid of any one in their way, and if you ain’t white you ain’t right.

Both push “law and order” for their Aryan Brotherhood buds. No others need apply.

The only thing DJT ever did for me was help me understand how Hitler, a nitwit, insecure little twerp and fanatic racist could get any thinking humans to follow him.

Hitler and DJT only had/have their own sick interests in mind.

The Survival of the human race depends on caring people to turn out as never before and VOTE.

VOTE early, by mail or any other ethical and legal way you are able.

Together, we can save the United States of America and the planet by removing the evil and self serving DLT and his minions.

Power to all people everywhere, Black, brown, LGBTQ, veterans, peace makers, women, poor, disabled, abled, and any others who are being marginalized.

Roger G. Kalter



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