Fletcher for Senate

We the people, pride ourselves on being known as a “Nation of Nations”, a country of endless knowledge, skills, education and wealth. We are also a “melting pot” of ethnicity, an array of Christianity, non-Christian, and non-religion. We accept our neighbor’s beliefs, and our families’ choice of principles and interpretation of how society engages in decision making…Politics. Our country is rich with the people who are unique, visually and prospectively – this makes us a leader in the world. We need to echo back to our upright selflessness, feel the emotion of sympathy, empathy, our love for thy neighbor no matter the difference. We need to embrace our uniqueness, our eagerness to excel and to help the vulnerable and at risk, the children and people who struggle. We must embrace and care for each other, and we occasionally civilly disagree with each other. We incisively pursue differential political council and discussions, but ultimately our core human principle is to be collectively and ethically responsible for the well-being of our country and each other.

Let’s make this change together; the first step is to vote with confidence to those who can speak on behalf of us locally, at the state level, and federally. May they give 200% towards their beliefs and ours, they will fight for morally sound laws and regulation and will be objective and ethical in all decision outcomes; that all decisions will be impartial and fair, lacking discrimination or bias tendencies.

Michael Fletcher, for Ohio State Senator District 30, encompasses all these attributes. Fletcher, a native of Athens, has a curriculum rich in both career and personally establishing relationships as well as cultivating our adolescent and maturing adults. As an Assistant Scoutmaster for the Boy Scouts of America, a working real estate agent, experienced financial planner and appraisal writer, and an educated spokesperson on rebuilding our public education system, imploring affordable health care to all. Fletcher is steadfast in working to better our economy, our current financial crisis, our roads, and ultimately, the people. I enjoy reading his analytical review on current issues and his highlighting on the pros and cons as well as engaging with fellow interested contributors or controversialists on local, state-wide, and/or federal issues or proposed legislation. His knowledge is remarkable, and his quick responses to questions just flows with ease not diminishing on the integrity, accuracy of fact and his presentation.

Judy Farmer

Albany, Ohio


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