Good thing they can’t steal our votes too!

Funny how you see Biden signs everywhere but very few Trump signs. Oh, it’s not for lack of support for our President’s reelection or the distribution of more than 1,000 small and large signs. No, it’s because they’ve been stolen, thieved out of people’s yards, snipped right out of their frames.

It’s no mystery who’s responsible for these crimes (though they always try to excuse this reprehensible behavior by claiming “the Republicans do it too”). Look around Marietta and throughout the county, and you’ll see plenty of their signs.

That’s in part because we actively discourage the pilfering of our opponents’ signs.

And besides that, if we don’t want their candidates, why would we want their signs?

Some will claim this rampant sign stealing is probably just juvenile pranks. But boosting a 4×8 foot sign that was privately purchased and erected on private property takes a little more dedication to the cause than most juveniles can muster.

And when entire neighborhoods are cleaned out in one night — that’s no prank, it’s an organized assault.

Sadly, we’re getting used to this; it’s not a new problem, but with every election, it gets a little worse. And this year their sticky-fingered antics have sunk to new depths. But while we’re disappointed our outward displays of support have been all but wiped out, our commitment to the reelection of a remarkably strong, incomparably maligned Donald J. Trump has not. As Malcolm Forbes said, “Victory is sweetest when you’ve known defeat!”

Leslie Haas



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