Make America good again

After four years of MAGA, I surely wish the supporters of the man occupying the White House would explain how America is great again! Instead of “great” I want GOOD again.

Campaign promise kept… well sort of. “The Wall” is being built at a cost of $30 million a mile but I am paying for it (I do pay income taxes) NOT Mexico. This may be great, but I don’t think it’s GOOD. Thirty million dollars invested in Washington County would go a long way towards the restoration of the Historic Harmar Bridge, repair of land slips, improvements to school buildings, fire stations, and mental health facilities, providing broadband services to more residents and implementing the Start Westward and East Muskingum Park Restoration project. Those actions would be GOOD.

Campaign promise kept. The systematic dismantling and undermining of rules, regulations, and watchdog efforts. Our national parks are now being opened to “extraction efforts” … mining, and oil and gas drilling and logging while clean water protections are being eliminated. This may be great for some businesses but is it GOOD for the environment? I don’t think so.

Campaign promise kept. The tax reform package was approved and certainly helped the rich, powerful and privileged (businesses and billionaires) get richer, more powerful and more privileged. Great for them; not so GOOD for me.

Team “TP” (Trump-Pence) with full support from Mitch McConnell has consistently ignored the “rule of law” and fellow republicans don’t care.

Norms of behavior and discourse are cast aside (DT will never release his tax returns) and fellow republicans don’t care.

The loss of civility, integrity and honesty is accepted and approved by the supporters of this administration. Great for some but not so GOOD for our Republic or me.

I prefer an administration that doesn’t lie, misdirect, exaggerate, misinform, or deflect the truth everyday. If this administration’s behavior and decisions were based more on the Golden Rule, the Ten Commandments and the “old fashioned” belief of service over self, that would be GOOD.

The various team members on the White House staff (past and present), described as “great” when appointed or selected by our President have, by and large, not been GOOD. Many have left “under a cloud” of controversy; others are now convicted felons. His followers appear to accept the daily chaos, contention and conflict emanating from the White House as necessary for “good” government.


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