Please explain to me

I have a few questions that maybe someone out there can answer for me. Since I am one of the deplorables.

If Black lives matter then why is the number one killer of Blacks, abortion? How can open borders help this country? How can burning and destroying cities and businesses of people who had worked so hard to make a life be right or just? The people that riot and have looted, what do they do for a living, or maybe I should say who is paying them?

If you comply with the police and show them respect, will they shoot you anyway?

Does the mayor of Portland hate Trump more than he cares for the people of Portland?

If 19 people who were there say Trump didn’t say “suckers and losers,” then why are people so stupid to believe it, or does that make a good political ad? How much money has been wasted in the last three and a half years on stories made up by the Dems and the press?

If Joe Biden wins, who will really be president or be in control?

Why the hate, would some of you vote for Kim Jong-un? Oh, that’s right, you don’t vote in North Korea, so much hate.

One more thing, is picking a Catholic who loves God, country, and the Constitution a bad thing for the Supreme Court?

Larry Harris

Lower Salem


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