Quit being led by agendas

I am appalled at media getting it wrong yet again. A woman at a football game is arrested for not wearing a mask is the new battle cry. That is complete bunk. I am not, and never will be the ends justify the means kind of person. That is wrong. I am not for wearing masks and I would agree that a woman not wearing a mask, socially distancing, and outside, poses little threat to anyone. Everyone on this bandwagon has been manipulated by the story and the way that it is framed. It isn’t about the mask. The school has rules. I don’t happen to agree with those rules, but I digress.

While on property that does not belong to you, you have to follow their rules. That is just decent human behavior. If you refuse to follow those rules, you can be asked to leave. If you refuse to leave, you are committing the crime of criminal trespass. That is why the woman was arrested, not because she didn’t have a mask on. We, as a society, should not be ignoring the crime because we agree with the cause. I have heard people claim that schools are public property because they are funded by public dollars. No, sorry, that is not the way it works. Go light up a cigarette on many school properties and see what happens.

All that this has done is inflame several issues. If you stand up and scream that this woman was wronged, you had better be standing up and agreeing with the BLM movement. Why? Because you are saying it is okay to break the law and expect no consequences. You are saying that if you resist arrest, nothing should be done to you.

This woman is not a victim of police brutality, she is a victim of her own arrogant and ignorant view of the law. The police are not the bad guy. They have a job to do. This woman was given every opportunity to simply comply and refused over and over again. It is very simple, do what the police ask. If you disagree, that is fine. You will have your day in court. Resisting and acting the fool invites bad things to happen to you. That is on the “victim” not the police.

I am saddened that the lawless mentality has creeped into this issue. This is the risk we are running by accepting this kind of behavior that typically emanates from the left. I am for the rule of law and I will be supporting Republican candidates that stand up for the rule of law.

Jay Owens



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