The train to nowhere

In a letter published in the Times on Sept. 28, the writer says it is time to get off the train. I fully intend to do that — but it isn’t the Democratic train, but the train to the end of democracy. The present track of the country is to impoverish the poor even more and jeopardize many of our constitutional rights that were put in place for ALL Americans, regardless of race, gender, age or political choice.

Yes, it is time to stop the Republican train and park it at the depot. I have had enough of Trump’s whining when things don’t go his way. I find it ironic that the Republican convention did not have a platform — so where is the party going?

The old Republican Party would not have stood for this–but the Trump Republican party thinks it’s okay.

The current Republican party has supported a man who cheats on his taxes, makes millions of dollars off U.S citizens, has told over 23,000 lies, supports dictators over our dedicated generals and leaders, makes the so called rules when it’s convenient for him, and surrounds his cabinet with bigoted white nationalist supporters, and truly incompetent people. Let’s face it: they are self-serving and getting richer by the day.

I find it ironic that Trump supporters complain about who is going to pay for all this debt! Where have you been the last four years? Trump’s tax break, his robbing of FEMA money, and his lack of a plan for combating the pandemic has driven our debt to an all-time high

Why do so many people on the Republican side race to call Biden and Democrats “radical socialists”? Just saying it doesn’t make it so. Talk about fake news! Biden is a moderate, not a radical socialist. The direction he will take the country will not be like TRUMP’S which is autocratic and dictatorial favoring a Putin-like outcome.

In closing, if you don’t trust the current government or presidential leadership stop the current administration before it is too late. Let’s leave our earth better than we found it for our children and grandchildren. Let’s restore our relationships with our FORMER allies. Let’s expand the plan for better affordable health care. Let’s have a plan to upgrade our crumbling infrastructure.

Let’s put the Biden/Harris team in the White House and start returning decency to the country and the presidency.

Steve Porter



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