Trump badmouths vets

As I sit here to write this letter, I am not only angry, but also very saddened, although not surprised, by the words of Donald Trump bad mouthing our veterans.

What he said about an American hero like John McCain is both sickening and disgusting, but I guess that was not enough so he had to bad mouth all veterans; not only the fallen ones but also those who were terribly wounded. I am the niece of two young brothers who served in WWII, one of which was killed and the other wounded. I also have others in my family as well as in my husband’s family who have served in our military. My husband, my children, and I went to school with some who served; some lost their lives and some were badly wounded.

As usual Trump is denying all of this as he does all the terrible things, as well as the lies that come out of his mouth, even though there is proof of him saying it. No decent human being would say such terrible things. America is the home of the free because of the brave, not because of cowards who played baseball in college then claimed to have bone spurs on their feet as a way to get out of serving our country.

Ruth Ann Cochran

New Matamoras


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