Public Health Directives

Gov. Mike DeWine is to be congratulated for his recent threat to close businesses which do not require customers to follow CDC guidelines regarding masks. Despite push back from some who claim to speak for the business community, there are legitimate reasons to follow the health directives of Public Health professionals.

Public figures who choose to speak out in opposition to the Governor’s mask mandate should consider how the local economy will suffer when we have more people infected and dying with coronavirus. Hospital workers will be unable to handle the surge while taking care of routine health problems like heart attacks, accidents and the like.

In some states ER doctors are making tough choices about who receives care and when. In the case of a heart attack or stroke, seconds matter.

This is not the situation that our community wants or deserves.

Whether you are spreading misinformation on Facebook or in the newspaper, please think about the damage caused by telling people to ignore the Governor’s mask mandate. The local economy is not going to fare well if hundreds die or are permanently impaired by lung or heart damage from the coronavirus.

IF you are a business that is impacted, ask those same business leaders to help you begin to think creatively about how to continue to be open safely.

The simple act of wearing a mask will allow customers to feel safer, protect workers and preserve our healthcare resources.

Teresa Porter



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