EVE, Inc. is committed to keeping families safe

What is EVE?

You may have asked: What is EVE? It might have been a news article about one of our fundraisers, or an event to raise awareness of domestic violence.

EVE, Incorporated is the shelter and service agency for survivors of domestic violence and sexual abuse. We have been in existence since 1981, when a group of women decided that victims of domestic violence needed somewhere to go to be safe.

In 1981, we applied for some grants and recruited community help, and established a shelter by purchasing a house and hiring a few staff. A lot has happened since. And we have a lot we want to tell you. This is the first in a series of articles about EVE.




Our mission statement is: “EVE, Incorporated seeks to prevent family violence and sexual assault through education and intervention while providing supportive services to survivors; thereby promoting a safe and healthy community and improving the quality of life.”

We are best known for our shelter, which provides a safe space so that victims can catch their breath and make some decisions about their life and their children’s lives, and become survivors.

When a woman or man has been abused by a family member (physically, mentally or sexually), they can contact EVE or ask the law enforcement agency to make a contact that would allow them entry to the shelter. We are in an “undisclosed location” so that we can keep our residents and staff safe.

We are committed to providing services that support recovery from the violence and building a violence-free future for that individual or family in need of a new beginning.

Janet Wells is executive director of EVE Inc.


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