Trump should be praised, not hated by many

I was first enraged when the left and the left wing media climbed all over President Trump’s immigration policy that was no different than President Obama’s immigration policy.

Obama’s Head of Homeland Security Jeh Johnson said in an interview with Chris Wallace last Sunday that we had to sometimes detain children and families with children sometimes being separated from their parents. Did we hear anything from the news media or Hollywood lambasting that administration for this policy? No, because this administration apparently walked on water. In fact in 2014, the administration detained children and families then sent them right back from where they came. But when President Trump’s administration did the same thing the name of Hitler was used to describe the policy being carried out.

In fact, the pictures of children being held in cages posted by Jennifer Lopez among others were from the 2014 Obama administration policy actions not President Trump’s. But all you heard and saw was whaling and gnashing of teeth from the media and even those writing to the Marietta Times about the inhumanity of the Trump administration. These attacks were all blatant lies carried out because of one thing, the pure hatred of Donald Trump.

That is right. The pure hatred of President Trump has been evoked from the time of the presidential election of 2016 until now by both liberal Democrats and the fake news media that speaks for them. How dare this man run and beat the most scandalous Democratic candidate in this country’s history, and how dare he get tough with the Swamp that has controlled politics in Washington, D.C., for decades.

Instead of accepting defeat like adults and working with this president in a bi-partisan manor, the Democrats have done nothing to help this president on any of his policy initiatives, but have only served as obstructionists.

Only FDR accomplished more in his first term to help the country than President Trump has done in his not quite two years in office. President Trump has taken Obama’s slowest economic recovery since WWII that yielded anemic wage growth and turned that into the strongest economic expansion in 40 years. This expansion has yielded the lowest unemployment rates in history for African-Americans and Hispanics and the lowest rate among women in over 20 years. He has rebuilt our military that was left in fizzles by the Obama administration, and in an unprecedented move, the president gave the Democrats everything they wanted in the first long-term budget signed in many years. He threatened to veto this budget busting bill, but signed it because it gave the military the money his generals said they needed. After signing the bill he vowed never to sign another bill that increased spending this much and threatened to shut down the government the next time the Democrats do not bargain in good faith on a new budget.

Politics has changed so much from the years of my youth. When Ronald Reagan was elected president in 1980, the Democrats and Republicans disagreed on many things of course, but they always negotiated in good faith legislation that was good for the country. Tip O’Neal, the Democratic Speaker of the House and President Reagan frequently went out to lunch together and there were moderate Democrats and moderated Republicans that compromised many times on legislation that was good for the country. Now there is simply not disagreement between the parties but genuine hate between the two. The Democrats think President Trump is kin to Satan or Hitler and even moderated Republicans have a tremendous wariness for Democrats. There is such hatred between the two parties that it is almost all-out war that is being waged instead of healthy political discourse.

For the life of me, I do not understand how far the Democratic Party has veered so far to the left, and also how far some Republicans have drifted so far to the right. Will this ever change, or is this generation going to continue to be governed by such hate? I am a liberal Republican. I am a hawk on defense that same way JFK was, and also a fiscal conservative like he was, but on social policy I am a liberal. I voted for President Trump and stand with him, and if the country would just give him a chance, I truly believe that his policies will make America Great Again. But I fear that we are in for nothing but hatred and distrust between the two parties the rest of my life.

Joseph Helm III



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