War on trucking industry can cripple the whole economy

In recent years there has been a lot of talk about the war on one group and another but there is a war going on in this country that will cripple the whole economy if it isn’t stopped. That is the war on the trucking industry.

People are taught to keep off rail road tracks and that trains have the right of way. Safe boating classes teach people that large boats have the right of way over smaller boats. They are taught that barges take a mile to stop going up stream and two miles to stop going down stream and they are to stay out of their way.

People are not taught how far it takes to stop a truck or how much room it needs to make a turn and thus are causing wrecks with trucks all the time. Most police officers don’t know much about trucks either and often truckers are ticketed for what a car driver caused.

Not long ago there was a van full of people going too fast on a highway on black ice. The driver lost control crossed the medium and hit a truck that was going very slow and under control. People from the van have sued the trucking company for 80 plus million dollars. The judge said the trucking company shouldn’t have had the truck on the road and awarded the suit.

In another case the road was iced and traffic was stopped. The road was elevated and the truck that was sitting still began to slide side ways and bumped into a car. That trucking company is being sued for bodily injuries.

This is long but explains just how far the war on truckers goes. In years past a state highway department added another lane to a two lane highway by starting at a much lower elevation with an on ramp and slowly bringing it up to the level of the existing highway passing a business just as the two lanes were at the same elevation. With the difference in elevation and the angle of entry there is no way for traffic on the existing highway to see traffic on the new road so they have a yield sign on the ramp to protect traffic on the road and turning into the business.

Years later a person late for work and talking on their phone ignored to yield sign and hit a truck turning into the business. Most likely the truck driver didn’t know the car was there until the impact was felt.

Almost immediately the significant other of the car driver was there and took the driver and left the scene and then came back. No one knows if they were ditching drugs or what they were doing. The car drivers insurance paid for the damage to the truck and investigators acknowledged that there was nothing the trucker could have done to prevent the crash.

A few days later that states highway department removed the yield sign. A little later they put up barricades so the trucks couldn’t turn into the business thus forcing them to spend more time going around and coming up the ramp and the business had to make a new entrance. Now there are frequently cars crashing into trucks.

Some time later the car driver decides they were hurt in the crash and sues the truck driver. An ambulance chaser keeps after the truck insurance for money but they don’t give. It eventually goes to a jury trial. On trial day the ambulance chaser conspires with the judge to not let the truck insurance company ‘s lawyer bring up the yield sign and to not let the investigating officer testify. At this point the insurance company lawyer gives up and pays them. Now they have a highway set up to cause more crashes and the ambulance chaser is there ready and waiting and has a judge to do what ever he wants.

That state’s highway department should put the yield sign back up and put reduced speed limit signs until traffic is past the business. That judge should be put in jail with people he has put in jail, the ambulance chaser should never to allowed to practice law again and someone in the state highway department should be looking for a job. The significant other and driver should have to pay in some way.

These are the kinds of things that happen to truckers everyday. They weigh on a drivers mind all the time they are behind the wheel and some times keep them up at night. Drivers are hanging it up everyday because of these things. Shippers are calling for trucks saying they will pay anything but are told, we have trucks but no drivers.

Scott E. Fisher lives in Lower Salem.


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