What is a pacesetter?

By Stacy DeCicco

United Way Alliance of the Mid-Ohio Valley

By definition it is someone who sets the pace at the beginning of a race or competition- someone who takes the lead or sets the standard of achievement for others. At United Way, Pacesetters are those donors who make their gift in the early weeks of the campaign and who contribute at a leadership giving level starting at $500.

These contributors are a key and essential part of our annual campaign. Many of those donors move beyond just the monetary donation- they are our greatest and most ardent supporters. They lead workplace campaigns, they volunteer through our community engagement programs, and they advocate for our mission. These contributors know that United Way is a vehicle of impact in our community and they are inspired to be a part of that movement. Investing in United Way is an investment in our community. When you give, you are helping us drive real, measurable change in the MOV- in the neighborhoods where we all live, work and play. Giving to United Way is powerful because we combine your gift with hundreds of others to invest in the best work, happening at the strongest organizations who are achieving the greatest results. That’s how change happens. We are so deeply grateful to those who inspire others to join them in providing hope and opportunities to individuals in need.

When you give at this level to the United Way Impact Fund, you join a committed network of local donors who are working to systematically assess the greatest needs of our community and strategically address those targeted issues. Many of our Pacesetters take an active role in helping to determine how the allocation of these funds are determined.

They often participate in the committees and processes that make key decisions about funding partners and organizational direction.

What does it take to join this league of committed community donors? Simply a desire to make a difference and a commitment to the cause. There are Pacesetters who give an upfront gift that is thousands upon thousands of dollars each year to our United Way.

They have the means to give on a large scale and they choose to make their philanthropic mark with our organization. There are Pacesetters who give less than $10 each week through a workplace giving program and watch the impact accrue to a Leadership Giving level over the course of a year. Whatever the method and whatever the approach, leadership giving is a valued endorsement by the donor. It is a deliberate action to give what they can, sacrifice as they feel led, and a conscious choice to invest with our work.

We know how many options exist for charitable giving and we are profoundly humbled when the choice is United Way. We value the gift; we treasure the relationship. We celebrate the generosity and commitment these donors make to a brighter future for our community and we are so proud to stand in partnership with them!


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