Working together for community

In many circles, the topic of aligned interests and leveraging is brought up.

It’s framed as a funding strategy in government meetings.

In other arenas, it’s described as finding allies or wingmen.

And the last two weeks have offered our community concrete examples of wins that come when different interests work together–wins from combining goals.

We, The Marietta Times, are passionate about words, literacy and our community’s understanding of what’s going on around us.

Leaders of the Rivers, Trails and Ales Festival are passionate about getting whole families moving and enjoying health together.

REsolve Studios is passionate about creating art that heals, that bridges divides and that is useful and accessible to all.

And we made one heck of a team.

With 320 pieces of lumber that were cut, sanded and painted–transformed in three days–into a giant spelling and quiz game for all ages, we as a community have won.

We built a game that had our youngest participant, age 4, squealing with glee at Familygrams in the Park, during the Rivers, Trails and Ales Festival last week.

A game that had a dad at MOV Rebound for Kids jumping to spell alongside teenagers at Flanders Field in Harmar on Thursday night.

A game for which teachers and principals, church group coordinators and scout leaders on Monday night immediately asked to find a spot on the schedule after briefed about the simple tool now available to our community.

Familygrams is so versatile and so customizable for grandparents, parents, young adults, teens and young children to all laugh together because those aligned interests made it possible.

Rivers, Trails and Ales Director Eric Dowler had the faith to partner with us over a cup of coffee at the Busy Bee, and REsolve Studios was the prime location to paint and sand because of the mission it already holds to facilitate practical and useful art.

The 1,280 edges I’m still working to sand, of 320 pieces of half-inch sanded plywood are tools.

The 288 simple letters and countless smiles that are now at our community’s disposal, only exist because we worked together.

This game is a tool, available now to classrooms, to game nights on the Armory lawn, to field days and fundraising events, because we, The Marietta Times, are here to not only document the needs and ongoings of our community, we are here as your neighbors.

We are here to bolster this community as another member of this great team.

Janelle Patterson can be reached at jpatterson@marietttatimes.com.


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