Giving to our kids

“Our students, from the youngest to the oldest, deserve the best our community can give to them.”

Pretty simple words from Andy Brooks, superintendent of Ohio Valley Educational Service Center. But they could not be more true.

Marietta Community Foundation is close to reaching its goal in helping the community give its best to our kids, but there is still work to be done. To reach the MCF’s goal of $60,000, it still needs to raise $7,140. A daunting number, perhaps, if considered by one person. But as a community, we can do it.

When the money raised is distributed, it will go to Marietta City Schools, Belpre City Schools, Fort Frye Local Schools, Warren Local Schools, Frontier Local Schools and Wolf Creek Local Schools. Think of the supplies needed in those places to teach kids and keep them safe in this very unusual school year. Cleaning supplies, personal protective equipment, technology, meals and even student success and mental health services will be supported by the money each school receives.

Though the past several months have been overshadowed by an uneasy feeling of helplessness and hopelessness, we know our communities will rise from this stronger — partly because of the young people in our midst.

“The six districts of Washington County are the backbone of our community, the hubs. They are at the center of community pride and rivalry,” said Warren Local Schools Superintendent Kyle Newton. “Supporting an effort that improves schools supports an effort that improves our community.”

Some of us may truly have nothing left to give. But most of us have a little — certainly enough that if we all give together we can cover that $7,140 gap. Making a difference for our kids, especially right now, is well worth it.


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