There may be a hero in the cubicle beside you

Sometimes you don’t have to look far to find a hero.

It isn’t always a masked man or grand caped entrance that tips you off to the noble lion heart.

Heroes are all among us.

At United Way we believe our donors, volunteers and advocates are all cape worthy!

They join us in the fight for the health education and financial stability of the community.

You may never notice them; you may be oblivious to their superpower.

They are there; steadfast, reliable, undaunted and committed to our cause.

Our fight could never be won without the efforts of these unmasked heroes.

These heroes may be working in the cubicle right beside you or the office down the hall.

Many of these heroes are working as agents of change in their workplaces.

They are leading workplace campaigns that make colossal and lasting impact in their community.

These campaign champions are folks who volunteer to take on the added responsibility of leading and administering a United Way Campaign within their workplace.

Workplace contributions are expected to make up 65% of the annual campaign in the MOV.

While they are certainly valuable to our organization, they also have some inherent value to those workplaces as well.

When you start a United Way workplace campaign, you bring together people who already know how to work together.

You will be taking teamwork and collaboration to a whole new place — to a community that needs you. Every company has a mission statement — a workplace campaign can impact yours!

Stacy DeCicco is executive director of the United Way Alliance of the Mid-Ohio Valley, located at 935 Market St., Parkersburg.

<*p(0.0,10.0,0.0,10.5,0,0,g)*L>No workplace is too big or too small to have a successful experience. Whatever the size or focus of your organization, United Way’s campaign team can partner with you to develop a customized campaign that aligns with your corporate values, philanthropic goals, and workforce interest. Your time, energy and donations can be directly targeted to specific causes and charitable organizations. The United Way team is there as a resource to get you up and running and continues that support throughout your campaign.

Every year millions of employees get involved in workplace giving campaigns to support local United Way programs. Workplace campaigns unite employees for a common cause and empower them to speak out for causes that matter to them. They are able to see the results of their giving right in their own backyards. Engagement in the workforce strengthens employee connections and answers to a sense of civic responsibility that they tackle as a team. Workplace campaigns are truly as unique as the workplaces themselves. Most incorporate payroll deductions – a convenient option for nearly anyone. Some involve contests and incentives, others involve hot dog lunches, chili cook offs and pie in the face events. The look of the campaign is limited by nothing beyond the imagination of the campaign champion. Workplace campaigns are good for everyone – in a 360 view they benefit the workforce and the community where they do business. Workplace campaigns ignite camaraderie; create goodwill in the community and most of all – effect change where it’s needed most!

Become a community hero – consider hosting a workplace campaign. The efforts will be vastly rewarded and the dividends of your good work will be exponential. Unleash your superpower, embrace your inner hero – be a campaign champion for your team!


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