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Minor injuries in boat fire; vessel a total loss

September 14, 2015 The festivities of the 2015 Ohio River Sternwheel Festival were interrupted briefly Sunday afternoon when a fire broke out at a boat fueling station along the Muskingum River a short distance from... more »»

Keep up the fight against Alzheimer’s disease

September 14, 2015 Alzheimer’s disease is the 6th largest cause of death in the United States. An estimated 5.3 million Americans and their families, are faced with copin. more »»

Dept. of Ed can’t sit on public records

September 12, 2015 More and more, government officials at all levels seem to have adopted a new philosophy about laws requiring them to turn over public records when they are requested: Just say no. more »»

State Dept. ‘czar’ isn’t needed; just obey the law

September 11, 2015 Why should it take a new “czar” to force government officials to obey the law in both letter and spirit? And more to the point, why should Americans believe the bureaucrats will do that, just becaus... more »»

New system for animal sales at fair a good move

September 10, 2015 When the animal sales at the Washington County Fair wrapped up on Monday, it was still bright and sunny outside and there was plenty of time left to enjoy rides, food and fun. more »»

US can’t ignore its own refugee problem

September 9, 2015 Reports of tens of thousands of people from Syria, Libya and other countries flooding into Europe as they attempt to escape strife at home have been all over the news for several days. more »»

Climate change plan will devastate Ohio, W.Va.

September 8, 2015 Alaska was an excellent selection for President Barack Obama’s scare campaign on climate change, during which he has warned entire countries could be submerged by rising oceans if global warming is... more »»

Advice on bullying rings true at any age

September 7, 2015 If you’ve ever been bullied, you know the feeling ... and you never forget it. Dry mouth, sweaty palms, wishing someone — anyone — would come to your rescue. more »»

Pakistan a ‘frenemy’ to America

September 5, 2015 Pakistan, while proclaiming it is a U.S. ally in the war against terrorist groups, this week is proving it is just the opposite. more »»

United Way Bowl kicks off community’s role in raising donations

September 4, 2015 Tonight, students and fans involved in the long-running rivalry between Marietta and Warren will be reminded there’s more to life than high school football. more »»

Warren takes a big step in educating kids with its middle school

September 3, 2015 Warren Middle School’s first classes of students took their places at desks within the newly-renovated school this week, marking a change that has been long overdue in the district. more »»

Cut through smoke screen on Issue 3

September 2, 2015 “Buddie” the marijuana legalization mascot has begun hitting the road in Ohio, urging voters — especially college students — to vote for state Issue 3 on the November election ballot. more »»

Trafficker duped the government for too long

September 1, 2015 Arodolo Roberto Castillo-Serrano should be sent to a U.S. prison for a long, long tim. more »»

Appreciate our marching bands, too

August 31, 2015 While Friday night was the first game of the high school football season, it also was the start of the season for area high school marching bands. more »»

Program to help gamblers long overdue

August 29, 2015 Ohio officials are beginning to tackle one of the problems bound to intensify as the state expands its involvement with gambling. more »»

Crazies? Obama’s too quick to label energy policy foes

August 28, 2015 Reasonable people considering President Barack Obama’s energy and environmental policies might conclude he is attempting to force us to turn away from sources of reasonably priced electricity on... more »»

Foster grandparent program good for kids, adults

August 27, 2015 The Foster Grandparent Volunteer Program provides support and guidance for children, as well as income for eligible seniors. It’s a win-win. more »»

What kind of system allows a boy to die?

August 25, 2015 No one but Brittany Pilkington should be blamed for the murder of her three young sons, Logan County, Ohio, Prosecuting Attorney William Goslee emphasized recently. more »»

Inclusive playground idea worthy of support

August 23, 2015 It’s difficult to put yourself into the shoes of someone who can’t walk or get around in what we see as a “normal” way. more »»

School is in session, stay alert

August 22, 2015 They’re big, bright yellow, with flashing lights, and yet some drivers still fail to notice school buses stopping to pick up or drop off students. more »»



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