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100 jobs to vanish at power plant

AEP agrees to deal that eliminates coal burning at Beverly’s Unit 5 in 2015

February 26, 2013

American Electric Power’s Muskingum River Power Plant Unit 5 will stop burning coal by 2015, effectively idling more than 100 jobs at the facility overlooking the Muskingum River just north of......

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Feb-27-13 12:50 AM

I did not see any posts from the closing complainer about all the times AEP asked for and got rate increases to comply with EPA regs only not make the improvements and then ask for and got more rate increases to pay the fines they got. Maybe some of these utilities need more regulation and check and balances instead of them doing whatever they want.

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Feb-26-13 9:59 PM

I thought this plant would last forever, just like Death and Taxes. Never did I ever think anything like this would happen, even with all of the threats. I remember that moving belt (over the road) delivering coal to the

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Feb-26-13 7:52 PM

When you libs who live in school districts lose all these funds coming in from coal plants, businesses, and workers, all I can say is get your wallets out kids. It will soon be time for you to pay more taxes ha ha.

And its not just coal and coal plants obama and these people want to destroy. Its all our industry and businesses they don't like.

I can think of a lot more things that I wish would vanish other than these jobs. :) Not to mention my mother in law :)

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Feb-26-13 7:18 PM

We must all send EPA a thank you note, EPA must figure it is better to die of starvation than save jobs.

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Feb-26-13 6:48 PM

Well...look at the brand new coal fired plant just completed in Edwardsport, Indiana, and you will see what can happen with coal fired plants. That plant uses clean coal technology and is an investment by a joint venture of coal companies, private investors, electric power companies and the federal government. Coal will continue to play a part in the production of electricity in the United States as will natural gas. The Muskingum plant at Beverly/Waterford is definitely an aged plant and needed to have either a lot of capital invested in it or retooled to produce cleaner electricity via natural gas. If I remember right, Kraton at Belpre area is going to build their own gas fired power plant with the impending natural gas and oil boom so that will lessen the amount needed in general. It is fruitless to play the blame game here. It is not due to Obama nor to George W. Bush. Strictly an economic issue. Sympathy for the workers but hope there is retraining $ available for them.

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Feb-26-13 5:23 PM

Out with the old and in with the new. Time to sell the boat and camper and cut down on the beer consumption.

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Feb-26-13 4:52 PM

California Public Employers Ret Sys (Calpers) was union funds that were failing miserably in returns for the pensioners.They funded the peakers at a elevated buyback system primarily funded thru transmission/generation fee's being collected monthly on your electric bill.The Ohio Vlley is now rescuing these pension funds with your electric bill after the so called purchase of these peakers by our electric providers.

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Feb-26-13 4:44 PM

This plant was going to be shutdown, because of lack of reinvestment in the facility.

Plus this is part of the fracking war on coal, it has become cheaper to produce a kilowatt of electricity with cubic feet of natural gas, than with tons of coal. Investors seen this coming years ago and invested in the cleaner cheaper energy source.

Australia is finding it cheaper to produce electriciy with wind than with natural gas. But you can blame it on NIXON`s EPA.

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Feb-26-13 4:24 PM

"A lot of industry has moved overseas because they're over-regulated here."

I don't think asking these plants to reduce emissions is asking to much...what's the cut off on having clean water to drink and air to breath??...these companies make big bucks and get tax breaks; time they put back into the communities instead of lining their pockets all the time...

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Feb-26-13 3:57 PM

@Spider1..we live in Warren school district but my husbands job will be effected along with several others.

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Feb-26-13 3:16 PM

I would suggest that many of you go back and reread the story about when this was announced several years ago.

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Feb-26-13 3:10 PM

Don't you love the way when confronted with factual material conservatives always want to shoot the messenger. lol

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Feb-26-13 3:07 PM

Not everyone BeRight. Only those who went to school and have a degree in it.

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Feb-26-13 3:02 PM

I dont think it matters at all whether you are a repub or dem-those are lost jobs- but the this plant is old-had not been taken care and is hazardous-this area already has a ridiculosly high cancer rate-what do you expect? I am really surprised it was not closed a long time ago. I am sorry for the workers who will lose jobs.

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Feb-26-13 2:46 PM

johnson73...Unit 5 is in Wolf Creek Local's School District. Unit 1-4 is in Fort Frye's District.

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Feb-26-13 2:33 PM

And the peakers @ Waterford/Beverly were actually a bailout for the teachers/public union funds known as CALPERS in California that will be paid for by the ratepayer thru generation recovery cost's.

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Feb-26-13 2:19 PM

BeRight - trouble is the "experts" in electrical power generation are 50 years behind the curve. Big plants made a certain amount of sense at one time, but not anymore. The major utilities have their heads stuck in the sand, trying to wring every last bit of profit out of their old plants, while the world is moving on. They are about to have their lunches eaten and their heads served up on a platter, and the people who just work for them, like the ones in Beverly, are the ones that are going to get hurt.

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Feb-26-13 1:49 PM

AEP has been putting temporary band-aids on the plants for years just waiting for a chance to blame the EPA. Shame on AEP.

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Feb-26-13 1:37 PM

I guess now Everyone's an expert in base load Electrical Generation, even the Obama supporters.

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Feb-26-13 11:05 AM

The EPA regulations that this facility does not meet and that AEP REFUSES to invest in were put in place under the George W Bush administration - NOT OBAMA'S.

This is NOT all EPA regulation driven either. The demand for electricity is down and the power generating companies have to much capacity so they are shutting down the older, dirtier facilities. Just look in our area at the industry that has left or cut production way back. That translates into less demand for power. Just look at the power that it took to run the aluminum plant in Ravenswood or the 6 production lines shut down at Americas Styrenics.

The EPA is just a easy scapegoat here for companies who refused to reinvest in their facilities.

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Feb-26-13 10:54 AM

Yes the plant was old, and Obamanomics put it out of it's misery. When Obummers EPA get all the coal fire plants closed, what do you think will happen to electricity? "Electricity prices will necessarily skyrocket" ...wait where have I hear that before? I remember now, from Obummers lips during his campaign.

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Feb-26-13 10:09 AM

Surprised Warren’s superintendent Mr. Gibbs wasn’t interviewed for this article also. He is so clues with what is going on outside his two full/part time jobs. This is going to be a major blow to our areas economy and effect hundred’s of households in several ways.

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Feb-26-13 10:08 AM

Focus people. This isn't about the Sierra Club or the EPA, it's about simple economics. Gas burns cleaner than coal and its cost is coming down. Even without environmental regulations, AEP isn't going to operate a plant that needs hundreds of workers and is far from coal sources when it can put up gas powered plants which only need a few workers and burn a cheaper fuel. Yes, they'll keep a few newer coal plants online to take advantage of the drop in coal prices as older coal plants are retired and coal demand goes down. Power plant workers are facing what hit the auto companies when the robots came in. They are being replaced by automation. Remember that "job creators" aren't in it to create jobs, they are in it to make money. Blaming it on the EPA or the Sierra Club is just misdirection.

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Feb-26-13 9:16 AM

Perhaps those who contribute to the Sierra Club would also like to contribute to a worker's forced-retirement fund?

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Feb-26-13 8:01 AM

The headines should read 1000's jobs to vanish. This will effect so many people.

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