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Thompson among those suing over Medicaid expansion

October 24, 2013

COLUMBUS — Two anti-abortion groups and six Republican lawmakers in Ohio, including 95th House District Rep....

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Oct-28-13 5:52 PM

JoeBob: I think Thompson believes that growing government kills jobs, while the private sector creates them. Is hiring growing in his district or not? It's pretty easy to find out. I think you'd be surprised at the answer.

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Oct-28-13 5:48 PM

Wow-a lot of cranky people out there! O'Neill, Stone Cold and Scrappile are all in the pocket of Kasich now that he's handing out free crappy health care to folks sleeping on their parents' couch.

Obamacare is a mess; the left is having to admit that. Medicaid expansion is part and parcel of the ACA--read about it and get your facts right!

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Oct-25-13 4:55 PM

Thank you, Rep. Thompson! Not everyone's too stupid or pigheaded to know what the lawsuit is really about.

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Oct-25-13 11:49 AM

Slogoin said "border jumpers and lazy welfare trash".

My family on both sides have been in America for over 200 years and in some branches, well over 300 years. I and my family are/were some of the hardest working people you would ever want to meet. We have been generous to our friends, family, church, and community. I take great offense at your ignorant, selfish tirade against people who find themselves in need in the United States of America. Slogoin, you are clearly part of the problem, not the solution. Your "poverty mentality" does not help prosperity, it hinders it! You have closed your mind and life to possibilities and I feel very sad for you.

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Oct-24-13 9:12 PM

I voted for Andy because he talked about JOBS. Since then he's gone off the deep end, sponsoring various radical fringe causes. It used to be that the democrats were rightly accused of being politically correct. Now it's the far right Republicans jumping through the hoops put up by their sponsors. Whoever runs against Thompson gets my vote next time. We need jobs, not political dogma and conspiracy theories.

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Oct-24-13 6:32 PM

The word for today is ALEC, look it up , thompson is the poster boy for this outfit....nuff sed

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Oct-24-13 3:40 PM

Remember people..VOTE..VOTE..VOTE! Until they manage to limit that as well!

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Oct-24-13 3:25 PM

First Andy Thompson and his fellow TEA members slip defunding Planned Parenthood and tighter abortion restrictions into the budget so they can get their way, then they sue the State to prevent access to medical care for the poor. Now they're trying to pass a bill restricting abortion to the no later than four weeks of pregnancy. That's a time period in which very few women even know they're pregnant. Seems like they really hate women, the ill, and the poor.

Enjoy the rest of your term Mr. Thompson because you and your fellow TEA members will not hold public office again.

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Oct-24-13 3:20 PM

Slogoin... the problem with people like you is what your name implies. You are slow going. I agree. We all agree that we do not want lazy people working the system. But, do you really know that thsi si going to happen? I am sure it might, but not to any more of an extent than it already does. In fact, this prosal should force some to pay into teh system they are using and who are currently not.

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Oct-24-13 3:08 PM

Interesting that politicians oppose expanding health care to others, but never object to taxpayer-subsidized insurance for themselves and their own families.

People like Thompson like to complain about pensions and health care for government workers, but never hesitate to enjoy them.

I say go Kasich, though your main goal may be re-election. You're smart, but at least many Ohioans can benefit from this.

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Oct-24-13 2:45 PM

And on common core... the Republican leadership basically told him he was crazy... very publicly... to reporters. This isn't about unions or charter schools, it's about teaching a competitive curriculum. I don't give a rats behind if the people doing it are union or not.

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Oct-24-13 2:40 PM

Slogoin, my father has no more assets because he the only way he can get healthcare is through medicaid. But it helps keep him healthy. He was born here 81 years ago, worked his entire life in the USA and was always an upstanding member of society. So lumping him in with border jumpers, illegals or whatever your prejudgements are is, well, a cheap shot and factually inaccurate. My guess is he has worked longer than you've been alive.

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Oct-24-13 2:32 PM

Want to know how Andy Thompson will vote? Look and see how the teapublicans are telling him to vote.

This guy is nothing more than a spineless puppet for the ultra-extremists to the right. He does NOT represent the average Washington county citizen.

He and Bill Johnson MUST be voted onto the unemployment line at the earliest possibility.

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Oct-24-13 2:04 PM

Chester..go get a voucher for you said..we are already paying for it..oh my bad..that $$ BELONGS to the NEA.They will educate your children to their standard without letting you take your $$ and spend it as a parent see's fit

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Oct-24-13 2:00 PM

Chester,Folks dont mind paying to help their fellow neighbors.But the $$ from the fed gov were taken from folks like me to give to border jumpers and lazy welfare trash.As far as common core,I will educate my children to the community standards that fit the lifestyle and common community values specific to many regions of the country.If you want a "generic" so to speak education for your children..go private possibly.As far as Mr Thompson goes,I have contacted his office twice,recieving replys with the hr,once with a personal calll from Mr Thompson..not a staffer.Your comment about inheritance was WAY off base and rude at best.He is doing EXACTLY as I hoped for when I voted for him

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Oct-24-13 1:58 PM

railroadron brought up the subject of the GED and its price: I would like to suggest that if you do not drop out of school to begin with you would not be in a position to have to go back and get a GED and pay the $120 since the taxpayers foot the bill for public education in the first place. The price of $120 seems reasonable vs. the greater income potential once you have the GED. I have a real problem with folks blaming other folks for poor decisions they have made in the past, like dropping out of school. With that said, I agree with the expansion of Medicaid once we can figure out how to pay for the shortfall when the Fed Medicaid Funs start to scale back.

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Oct-24-13 1:39 PM

Oh, and another thing Rep. Thompson. Quit this common core tirade. I want my kid to get an education competitive with what everyone else gets... not let the locals decide separate from the state what they learn.

You really hate government that much?? Start returning your government paycheck!!! Not everyone can inherit their parents bird watching company.

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Oct-24-13 1:31 PM

Ok, I have to ask this which I'm sure is going plenty of negative comments.

What is the problem with taking money from the federal government that would be spent elsewhere anyway? Also, just to make sure we take care of our seniors and those suffering among us?? It's the good Christian thing to do AND we already pay for it in taxes anyway!! Just my thoughts.

Thank you to everyone for helping my dad live a decent final part of his life. Chester.

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Oct-24-13 1:07 PM

Raylan... I wonder if you are evensmart enough to explain why you say that? My bet is that yuo are not... at least in no coherent, founded way.

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Oct-24-13 12:32 PM

The rural counties of the state contain the voters who are going to follow the Conservative line even when some of their ideology doesn't make any sense, won't offer any alternative solutions which are practical. The bitter ideological battles of the 21St Century pit the tradionalist, small town or rural populations, who are not seeing much in the way of economic progress, against the Metro areas of the state which finally realized that if the state of Ohio wants to gain well paid jobs in the fields of technology then the suburban/small town atmosphere of Ohio is not going to attract the companies which bring those kind of high paying jobs into the state nor will prospective employees be all that satisfied to live and work in isolated suburbs nor the small towns which kept their grandparents happy. I meet and see a lot of young, educated, now former residents of the Buckeye state, who looked around the state and made the career choice to leave.

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Oct-24-13 10:52 AM

supporting big insurance? Oneill you have the nerve to state that when you are Obama guy? lol I believe Obama gave big insurance the most money possible via the disaster that is Obamacare.

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Oct-24-13 9:33 AM

Time for andy to " hit the road " jack!

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Oct-24-13 9:13 AM

Great job Andy. Keep up the good work. We really need you. Thanks

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Oct-24-13 8:56 AM

why does it not surprise me that Andy Thompson would be among those suing? triple the price for those desiring to take the G.E.D. test? A majority of those taking the G.E.D. are lower income and trying to better themselves with what little money they may have. They scrimp and save and then, voila, the price is tripled and the testing is moved to computers which many don't have, nor do they have the resources to purchase one. And often times they can't just pop into a vehicle and go to the local library to use the computers. but yep, Andy voted for that. Raise the age and make it more difficult for aged and disabled property owners to qualify for the Homestead Exemption Credit? yep, Andy did that. And now this, something that is meant to help the lower income folks, and YEP, Andy is against that as well. Quite a record for someone that professes to be a "representative" for the people. Andy, we can't afford much more of your type of "representation"

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