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The press isn’t doing its job on national issues

November 21, 2012
The Marietta Times

What is wrong with the American public and the media? We are being deluged with the Gen. Petraeus scandal. I understand that this can have scandal can have an impact on national security because of the access that Broadwell had. My concern is that we know more about this than we know about what happened in Benghazi. Four Americans died in service to our country and the press has avoided asking the tough questions. For the Administrations part, they avoid all questions on this issue. Where are the Woodward and Bernstein of our time? No administration should be allowed to get away with this kind of behavior, no matter if an R or a D follows their name. Why are people not standing up and demanding answers? Have we turned a corner in this country and been led to a place where apathy for significant events is the norm? This country is quickly becoming something that is not recognizable. Our press is sadly lacking and a case can be made that they are directly responsible for our downfall. The agenda of the media is supposed to truth, not cheerleading one side or the other. I do believe that many people hunger for a change in our media and news organizations. It is time for "We The People" to stand up and demand that our press do its job.



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