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11 days ago.
by slinky

Obamacare is not "FREE" health care

People have finally realized that the word “free” is nowhere to be found in Obamacare’s “ Affordable Health Care Act”. Coverage under President Barack Obama's health care law won't be cheap. A study released Thursday by the nonprofit Kaiser Family Foundation found that government tax credits would lower the sticker price on a benchmark "silver" policy to a little over $190 a month for single people making about $29,000, regardless of their age. For uninsured people who are paying nothing today, this is still a big cost that they're expected to fit into their budgets.


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So your saying in Canada, the rich get the best care by going outside Canada while the rest of the common folk are left with the Gov't run stuff? Boy or boy, sounds like something I don't want a part of. Is this where we are heading with Obamacare? They Dems never told us that.

Posted 1082 days ago.


When you bring Canada's healthcare into the debate, remember that the global recession affected their economy far less than it did the U.S, many factors contributed to this but single payer , works for their middle and lower income families, freeing up money, to keep their economy going, plus they do a lot more preventative healthcare, keeping citizens healthier in the first place, the myth of people going to other countries for treatments, is just that, only the upper crust, who can go to other places go, and they often go to european nations or even India, not the U.S.....

Posted 1083 days ago.


The people who think it is free were listening to the left wing talking heads. It’s probably because the left wing media kept bringing up health care in the Canada and the U.K.,in the health care debate. Those are actually is free at the point of service bit are plagued with many issues including long waits for specialty procedures. In reality, Obamacare, as we call it, is nothing like those systems and is a train wreck.

Posted 1084 days ago.


No one said it was free but people, you know, the ones who can't figure out how to get a picture ID, think it is.

There was an article in the Times a year or so ago interviewing a Washington County resident who, along with all the middle class friends, thought it was also free.

The problem is that a particular problem you present affects less than 1% of the population. We could have fixed the problems without screwing everything up.

The old saying of “we need to cut off the head to save the body” ………….that is Obmamacare.

Posted 1086 days ago.


Nobody said Obamacare was free, yet a single person making 29,000, could afford healthcare, but what isa six month old who has reached half of her lifetime cap, supposed to do, just looking for honest answers, single payer was the option, but with insurance companies in the campaign pockets of elected reps, that's not going to happen.....bill's plan would be nice too, 75% subsidized by taxpayers, again honest answers..?..

Posted 1087 days ago.


Take your mind off ObamaCare and join us in a useless, possibly criminal, initiative to bomb Syria! "If you like your doctor..." YEAH! YEAH! YEAH!

Reminds me of something else our illustrious leader said. That being, "Tell Vladimir, This is my last election. After my election I have more flexibility."

Posted 1087 days ago.

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