Sports Talk with Ron Johnston: LeBron’s excellent adventure

What does Los Angeles have that Cleveland doesn’t?

Well, the most obvious answer right now is National Basketball Association superstar LeBron James.

But then, there are other things, too, and some are not so very pleasant, like….


With $154 million in his pocket, LeBron should be able to afford the home insurance.


I think all big cities have to deal with that but in the case of Los Angeles…do you know what happens when the smog clears?


Probably didn’t see that one coming, did you?

Moving right along…


Yes, Los Angeles has plenty of year-round sunshine, but be careful out there on the beaches, LeBron.

Of course, during the NBA season, he’ll be spending most of his time inside the Staples Center. At least, he won’t have to worry about “digging out” of the Q in February.

Traffic galore — and a lot of it slow moving.

Of course, all big cites have that, but in L.A., you can drive forever and feel like you haven’t gone anywhere.

Know what I mean? I once drove from LA to San Diego and ended up in Tijuana, Mexico — and that was not my intention.

Long lines at Disneyland in Anaheim. Been there, done that. But Cedar Point in Sandusky also has the same. (Been there, done that, too.)

Fires and mudslides.

Seems like this area in southern California has a lot of that, according to news reports on TV. Very scary.

Enough of the negatives, there are also some positives, like…


Ah, the film capital of the world. You’re liable to run into an actor or actress almost anywhere in Beverly Hills, Venice Beach, or on Sunset Strip. And, Universal Studios is a cool place to visit.

But you don’t have to be in Hollywood to necessarily meet a celebrity. Once had a conversation with Henry Winkler and Red Skelton — in Columbus.

Also was present when Graham Nash gave a talk on black and white photography at the Rock-N-Roll Hall of Fame — in Cleveland.

Fact is, celebrities are everywhere. There’re just more of them in Los Angeles.


All kinds of it everywhere in LA. It is said that if you have any musical talent at all and want to make it to the big time, “Go west, young man or young lady.”

LeBron probably won’t miss Cleveland-Akron too much.

Wish him and his family the Laker best.

Ron Johnston is a Marietta Times sports writer, and can be reached at rjohnston@mariettatimes.com


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