Three good guys fondly remembered

Dave Amos, Mike Metts, and Dan Brannan each was an engaging conversationalist, especially on the subject of sports.

And, when they spoke, you listened.

I knew all three and was better for it.

Amos was 70, Metts 65, and Brannan 70 when each passed in June, May, and April, respectively.

First met Amos, probably in the fall of 1975, at Kardex in Reno. But it wasn’t called Kardex back then. Anyways, sports was the common denominator (We both played on a company sponsored basketball team.), and several years later when his sons Chad and Jason competed on the diamond and hardwood at Frontier High School, there was a lot to talk about.

Amos was very proud of his sons, like any father would be of any son whether he played sports or not, and rightfully so. Chad and Jason each was a standout Cougar, and I had the pleasure of interviewing both of them.

Chad at about 6-foot-6 was good enough to be drafted by the Boston Red Sox, and got an opportunity to play some minor league ball. In the early 90s, I got an opportunity to interview Chad for a story at his home in New Matamoras. Dave and his wife Sandy were very gracious hosts.

Later, I snapped a photo of Chad working out at the Snyder Activity Center at Ohio Valley University.

Jason was about 6-3, and played some college baseball at Muskingum University. When he was a Cougar, he “wowed” me with his vocabulary during an interview. To this day, no one has ever told me he or she was “flabbergasted” after a game.

I think Dave and Sandy really got a kick out of that at the time.

Hadn’t seen or talked to Dave in a few years. Then, last week, my wife, after reading the newspaper on-line, asked me if I knew Amos.

This past spring at a Marietta Tigers baseball game at Legion Field, I was in the press box when I felt a tap on my shoulder.

Why, if wasn’t Mike “Metro” Metts himself. He was smiling, and he looked good.

Metts was once the Marietta Post 64 skipper, so I often interviewed him after games.

I also chatted with him on occasion at Brian Brewer’s summer baseball camp at Don Schaly Stadium.

Once, when I was walking across the pitch at the Devola Soccer Complex, I heard my name over the PA system. Looking up at the press box, Metro (His daughter Jordan played for the Tigers.) was laughing. He had a terrific sense of humor.

Was first introduced to Brannan at the Marietta Family YMCA on the basketball court back in the day. Then, there was a noon hour and 5 a.m. session for adults. Don’t recall Dan ever playing at the early one, but he was pretty much a regular at the lunchtime one.

He was a great basketball player. Very strong. A good driver and post-up shooter. Back in the 60s, he played for the Tigers.

Later, I learned he was a Vietnam vet, a pilot, an author, and a big Ohio State Buckeyes enthusiast.

Very intelligent and articulate.

Brannan was briefly the Marietta High athletic director.

Just a real good guy…like Amos and Metts.

Ron Johnston is a Marietta Times sports writer, and can be reached at rjohnston@mariettatimes.com


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