Zane Heiss a three-sport standout at Waterford

Waterford’s Zane Heiss is a football, basketball and baseball standout for the Wildcats. He’ll start at quarterback Saturday when Waterford takes on Shenandoah in the first round of the Division VII, Region 27 football playoffs. Times file photo

Zane Heiss


Year: senior

Age: 17

GPA: 3.0

Favorite subject: history and science

Sports: football, basketball, baseball

Hgt: 5-foot-10

Wgt.: 170 pounds

Position: quarterback/cornerback

College: undecided

Major: criminal justice

Family: Naaman and Amy Heiss (father and mother); siblings: Cierra (sister), Mason (brother), and Zavier (brother)

Question: Do you have a nickname?

Answer: (laughs) Some of the guys call me “Randy” after that character in the TV show “Trailer Park Boys.”

Q: What’s your favorite sport?

A: Honestly, whatever the season is, that’s my favorite sport. Right now, that would be football.

Q: Any plans in playing college ball?

A: I think I’m too short for basketball, but I’d like to play football or baseball. Not sure where I’m going, yet, though.

Q: When did you start playing football?

A: In the third grade. I started out as a running back. Then, later, I became a quarterback. I didn’t play football in my freshman year at Waterford. I was mostly a running back and wide receiver in my sophomore and junior years. Last year, I played QB in our army/flex formation. This year, I’m the quarterback and a cornerback on defense.

Q: I was there when you had three interceptions in one quarter. Who was that against? That was way back early in the season.

A: South Gallia.

Q: Waterford is now facing Shenandoah in an opening round playoff game Saturday night. Any thoughts on that game?

A: I’m just glad it’s a home game. We’re getting ready for it this week. It should be a good game, and I hope we can go as far as we can go in the playoffs.

Q: During your career, what’s been your biggest football thrill?

A: It was last year over at Fort Frye. I had a pretty good game as a wide receiver, four or five catches for over a 100 yards. I would’ve had over 200 yards, but one was called back. We lost a tough game.


And, this year, I had a 90-yard touchdown run against Miller on a blown-up play. (laughs) I’m not sure what happened. But all of a sudden, I saw this hole open up, and I went for it.

Q: The Waterford/Fort Frye rivalry is basically a friendly one, though, isn’t it?

A: Oh, yeah. I know a lot of their guys, just by playing sports.

Q: What’s it like playing football with your younger brother (Mason)?

A: (laughs) He’s a freshman wide receiver, and it’s pretty fun at practice.

Q: Do you have a favorite football team?

A: I like the Pittsburgh Steelers. (laughs) My dad’s a Cleveland Browns fan.

I also root for the Buckeyes.

Q: Who’s your favorite football player?

A: That would be JuJu Smith-Schuster , a wide receiver for the Steelers.

Q: How’s the Waterford basketball team going to be this winter?

A: We’ll be young, but I think we’ll be good.

Q: In baseball, you have a pretty good left-handed swing — and with power. How many homers did you have last season?

A: I think I had three.

Q: Who has inspired you, or had an impact on your athletic career at Waterford?

A: Every coach that I’ve ever had. And, my mom and dad.

Q: What do you do off the playing field? Any hobbies?

A: No, not really. Usually, I’m at practice most of the time. Sometimes, though, I’ll play some flag football.

Q: As a senior, are there any words of wisdom you’d like to share with the underclassmen?

A: Well, time goes by fast, and just don’t take it for granted.

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