Nick Fouss a football, basketball standout

Photo by Ron Johnston Waterford’s Nick Fouss is a standout player on the Wildcat football and basketball teams.

Nick Fouss


Year: senior

GPA: 3.3

Favorite subject: science

Sports: basketball, football

2019 football award: All-Ohio honoree

College: Ohio University

Major: communications (film)

Family: Chris and Alecia Fouss (father and mother); Tyler (brother) and Logan (brother)

Question: What’s your favorite sport?

Answer: Ummm…that’s a tough one. I have to put football and basketball in the same category. I love them both.

Q: Which one have you been playing the longest?

A: Basketball. I didn’t start playing football until the sixth grade.

Q: Have you always been a wide receiver?

A: Oh, yeah. I did play a little at running back and I think one game as a quarterback. But I played wide receiver my whole varsity career.

Q: Of course, you have good speed and hands to be one. But it’s not an easy position, is it?

A: You have to know how many steps and when to cut…you have to run your routes full on every down and give 100 percent. I was fortunate to have two good quarterbacks throwing at me in Peyton (Stephens) and Zane (Heiss). Zane and I grew up together, and we had a good bond and chemistry on the field.

Q: What’s been your greatest football thrill at Waterford?

A: Well, playing against Fort Frye and going to the playoffs and getting the homefield advantage in the first round were always exciting. Personally, my biggest thrill was scoring the game-winning touchdown at Eastern on a pass from Zane and then sealing the win with an interception, that was pretty neat. On the TD, it was late in the game with not much time left, and Holden (Dailey) and I ran the same route. And, I ended up snagging the ball and zig-zagging my way to the end zone.

Q: How intense is the rivalry between Fort Frye and Waterford?

A: (laughs) It’s pretty much a friendly rivalry. I know and get along with a lot of their players. We of course want to beat each other. A couple of years ago over there (in Beverly), it was a great game, and we lost a heartbreaker. But we came back and made the playoffs.

Q: Waterford has clinched four straight football playoff berths. What’s it like playing in the postseason?

A: It’s a different atmosphere with so many people there. Very exciting. I just love the crowd and the support they give us.

Q: You’ve been pretty durable on the football field, haven’t you?

A: I did miss one game last fall when I tore two ligaments in my thumb against Miller.

Q: Do you think you’d like to play football collegiately?

A: Zane and I talked to the Marietta College about it…but probably not, because I’m going to OU.

Q: Let’s talk some basketball. What’s the most points you’ve ever scored in a varsity game?

A: I7, I did that this year against Miller. The thing is, my role is more defensive than offensive in basketball. I usually defend the toughest and best guard on the other team — and it means a lot to me to take on that responsibility. (Laughs) I remember against South Gallia, I was guarding this kid so close that he kept telling me to get away from him. I couldn’t help myself but laugh.

Q: What’s it like playing at the Convo?

A: (Laughs) OMG! It’s the greatest feeling. I mean, to look up and see all that green, it’s awesome. We have the best fans.

Q: Can the Wildcats get there again this year?

A: You know, Fort Frye returned all their starters, and we lost three. We hit a speed bump this season, but we’re starting to come around.

Q: What’s been the funniest thing to happen to you on the court?

A: (Laughs) Well, last year, it just seemed like I averaged one air ball a game — but not from the foul line. I’d take my first shot, and no matter where I was, it was an air ball.

Q: Who’s helped impact your career as a student/athlete at Waterford?

A: All my coaches. They’ve been like second fathers to me.

Q: Do you have a favorite NFL team?

A: I like the New England Patriots and Julian Edelman is my favorite player.

Q: How about college football?

A: I like Ohio State, but I was rooting for LSU Monday night against Clemson. I mean, Joe Burrow used to play for Athens and the Buckeyes, and he’s such a huge inspiration.

Q: How about basketball?

A: The Los Angeles Lakers because of LeBron. I saw him play once up in Cleveland against the (Sacramento) Kings.

Q: What do you do off the playing fields? Any hobbies?

A: I ride 4-wheelers behind our house, and I also enjoy deejaying with my dad. We’ve done proms, weddings, corporate parties, and that kind of thing.

Q: What kind of music do you like?

A: I like the ’80s, like Phil Collins. I also like country and Waylon Jennings. My favorite songs are ‘“Rose in Paradise” and “Drinking and Dreaming” by Waylon.

Q: Being a senior, is there anything you’d like to shout out?

A: I just really appreciate all the support from the Waterford community. They’ve just always been there for us.

Q: Any advice that you’d like to give to the underclassmen?

A: Just to do your thing, and don’t let people break you down. Always give 100 percent.

Ron Johnston can be reached at rjohnston@mariettatimes.com


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