Governor candidate Whaley: Corruption allegations baseless, untrue


COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) — A Democratic candidate for Ohio governor on Wednesday called corruption allegations against her contained in court documents filed several years ago but recently made public baseless and untrue.

Nan Whaley, the mayor of Dayton and a 2022 gubernatorial candidate, said unfounded claims were made against her in a federal investigation into illegal activity in Dayton and nothing was found. Whaley was never charged.

Whaley said she only learned of the mention of her name in federal search warrant affidavits this week. The warrants were unsealed in 2017 and 2021. Their existence and the allegations were first reported by Ohio Capital Journal.

Whaley said she was never a target of the investigation, which according to affidavits filed in 2013 and 2014 focused on two men — a demolition contractor and the former Dayton city recorder — alleged to have bribed Dayton politicians for favorable federal contract consideration.

Whaley was identified as one of the bribe recipients in the documents. The claims were second-hand and made by someone — an employee at the demolition company — whom Whaley never interacted with, according to a memo released Wednesday by Whaley’s campaign in response to the allegations.

“Investigators did exactly what they should do: thoroughly looked into it and found nothing,” Whaley said in a statement.

Whaley’s campaign said the fact that the documents were recently unsealed indicates the FBI has closed the investigation. The investigation “is not ongoing,” said a spokeswoman for the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Southern District of Ohio, which includes Dayton.