ODOT schedules reverse angle parking demonstration

WOODSFIELD — While Marietta residents look to city officials to follow through with Creating Healthy Communities plans to demonstrate pedestrian safety measures along the Franklin Corridor, a major collector as identified in the state transportation information mapping system, the Ohio Department of Transportation has scheduled a similar pop-up demonstration for next month to help residents in Monroe County practice a change in parking before its installation in the center of Woodsfield at the intersection of two “minor arterial” state routes.

Drivers will have a chance to practice reverse angle parking on Aug.10 in Woodsfield between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. at the Monroe Memorial Pool off of Ohio 78.

“ODOT and the village recognize that many people have never encountered reverse angle parking, so we want to offer this opportunity for drivers to practice before this change comes to our village square,” said Woodsfield Village Administrator Kevin Brooks.

What is Reverse Angle Parking?

Reverse angle parking, according to ODOT, is a safer type of angled parking than pulling forward into a space with the nose of a vehicle nearest the sidewalk or parking block/bumper. Instead of pulling forward into the parking spot, cars back into their spots, allowing them to make eye contact with oncoming traffic when exiting the parking space later.

The back-in maneuver is reportedly simpler than a parallel parking maneuver.

How does Reverse Angle Parking work?

Reverse Angle Parking is much like parallel parking:

1. Signal a right turn to warn other drivers.

2. Pull past the parking spot and stop.

3. Reverse into the parking spot.

Similar suggestions of angled parking have been discussed most recently by Safety-Service Director Steve Wetz, Public Works Director Jim Wark and Fourth Ward Councilman Geoff Schenkel on May 21 (see the May 22 edition of the Times “Franklin Corridor improving pedestrian visibility”).

The Village of Woodsfield and ODOT are partnering for the “Parking Palooza,” next month ahead of the intersection safety improvements project in 2022.

According to ODOT, the majority of crashes that occurred at the intersection of Ohio 78 and Ohio 26 between 2015-2019 were backing crashes. Changing the type of parking to reverse-angle parking will address this issue.

“There are many benefits to reverse angle parking,” added ODOT District 10 Traffic Engineer Eric Davis. ” Drivers will no longer have to back out blindly from their parking space, and will instead be able to see oncoming traffic.”


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