50th: James and Juanita Baker

James and Juanita Baker

James and Juanita Baker began their lifelong friendship during high school.

They are celebrating the last 50 years, as a result of being married in Lima, Ohio, on Friday the 13th of September 1968. The bride and groom were attending The Ohio State University. Their struggle to survive during this time at OSU is considered one of their happiest and it made them invincible.

They both received bachelor’s degrees from OSU in 1970 and Juanita completed a master’s degree at OSU in 1973.

During 1973 they also moved to Marietta, where they were privileged to begin using their creative talents, experience and knowledge to find challenging careers.

Their lives changed spectacularly when their first child was born in 1976 and the second child in 1978.

Their two grandchildren provide joy and hope for the future.

They have traveled extensively in North America and to many countries in Europe, Asia and Latin America.

They are proud citizens of the most successful country in history, where they are poised with accompanying good health to live ’till the end of time.

While there are many facets to their story, when measuring the success of their friendship, it is somewhere between “ordinary and natural” and “the most romantic love story of all time.”