Babies at gunpoint

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The same political machine that sees no difference between a handgun and an assault rifle now endorses laws that see no difference among an abortion at 6 weeks, 15 weeks or 20 weeks. At 6 weeks the cluster of cells that will later form the human heart are capable of emitting a pulse but that ...

Thanks to community for support with BBQ event

Letters to the Editor

The Hervida 4-H Camp Board thanks the Mid-Ohio Valley Community for their wonderful support of our annual Camp Hervida chicken BBQ dinner, held on May 7. We sold almost 400 dinners to dine in or take out and with the proceeds from the country store, we had a profit of over $3,000! This is ...

Know Before You Grow: What to know about deadheading

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By now flowers in your garden have burst into bloom creating a beautiful space where pollinators are busy gathering pollen. Perhaps before you’re ready, some flowers may fade as the season progresses. One option for extending the blooming season is deadheading, a gardening technique useful ...

Practice fireworks safety


It is difficult to think about the Fourth of July without its fireworks. We love them in big, colorful, loud community displays; but we also love to fire off a few smaller pyrotechnics in at-home celebrations. Those running the big community displays are, for the most part, professionals ...

Thank poll workers for 99.9% vote accuracy


Election security and accuracy are a hot topic these days. But here in Ohio, Secretary of State Frank LaRose has announced we have nothing about which to worry when it comes to the job done by our county elections officials. Upon completion of the county boards of elections’ post May 3 ...

Role of Fathers

Letters to the Editor

Leo Terrell, (an American attorney) emphasized the importance of father in a family unit to young boys as well as girls. Truly, Mr. Torrells’ statements ring overwhelmingly true. All children need parents or caring and responsible person to emulate. The best scenario is having father and ...