Parents, kids all need financial literacy


For many young people, technology and the internet are a comfortable space, while for older generations they can still be strange and a little frightening. But when those young people become TOO comfortable with their gadgets and apps, it opens the door for poor decisions if a child has not ...

A world-class school

Letters to the Editor

The recent gathering of interested citizens to discuss the content and the process for teaching students in the Marietta City School District was an unqualified success. Approximately seventy-five individuals met for over ninety minutes to work through a series of small and large group ...



Nearly every day, we learn of a new way in which COVID has affected us. Last week, data from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention showed a new one: obesity. According to The Ohio Capital Journal, the number of states with high obesity numbers doubled since 2018, with Ohio ...

Past time to take a look


U.S. Federal Reserve officials wield an immense amount of influence on our economy. Last year, the Fed took unusual steps to shore up the economy and stabilize financial markets during the pandemic by cutting its short-term benchmark interest rate to zero in March 2020. Since then, it purchased ...

Matamoras Minute: Royal ancestry


The Flint family was what one would call prolific and indeed helped populate the countryside west of Matamoras. As earlier mentioned Porter had married Lucy Farwell. She had an ancestry to the royal house of Plantagenet which had ruled England from 1154 to 1485. The couple was certain to pass ...

Frozen in time


As a life-long photographer I am well aware of the power of the still photograph. Photographs freeze a moment in time. Forever. Case in point is the photo on page 2 of today’s Marietta Times. The photo shows a group of freshmen at Marietta High School in 1930. High school freshmen tend to ...