We have to keep trying to stop child endangerment


Often in discussing the challenges to Ohio’s Child Protective Services system, lawmakers and other officials will stress that they believe the best place for children to be is with their families. That is certainly understandable — and may be the case in many instances. But time and again ...

Voting rights

Letters to the Editor

As we remember Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. let us recall his many words and actions besides the “I Have Dream” speech. Many times during the struggle in the 1960’s he kept saying we need the ballot. John Lewis marched on Selma as a young man and was brutally beaten to obtain the ballot. ...

Grateful to the Ohio National Guard


When Gov. Mike DeWine ordered 1,250 members of the Ohio National Guard mobilized to help hospitals across the state, most of us were just beginning to understand the renewed strain on our hospitals and healthcare workers caused by variants of COVID-19. It appears as though the deployment is ...

Winter weather a reminder to prepare


After Mother Nature walloped us with snow Sunday and Monday, we got our second reminder of the season that winter comes every year. Here in the Mid-Ohio Valley, that generally means snow, icy roads and driveways that need to be shoveled. As we got cleaned out from the latest storm, surely many ...

Medical billing shouldn’t be surprise


A new law in Ohio keeps patients from getting hit with unexpected medical bills after certain emergency treatments. It is a law that works in conjunction with one at the federal level. Patients are now protected from getting bills above their in-network rate for emergency and in some ...

COVID numbers are likely higher


If you’ve already been thinking it, now Ohio State University doctors are saying it. The number of COVID-19 cases in the Buckeye State is probably much higher than the official figure reported by the Ohio Department of Health, because not everyone who has a positive at-home test reports his ...