No shelter in the world


Most people want their private homes to be safe spaces, where they feel comfortable and safe living as their true selves. But going out into the real world presents a different challenge, where we lose the right to control who and what we might encounter. A student at Oberlin College wrote an ...

Aisha’s Law needs to be heard


In light of the investigation into the death of Gabby Petito, who died from strangulation, there has been a push once more in Ohio for Aisha’s Law. Named after Aisha Mason, an Ohio teacher who was murdered by her ex-husband, the House Bill would make strangulation a felony in the Buckeye ...

Election needs poll workers


Though it may be sneaking up on some of us, the fact remains Ohio has an election coming up Nov. 2. It might not carry the same wow factor as last year’s election, but in many ways it is more important, as it will decide significant races at the community and state level. There is a problem, ...

Marietta’s teachers not gambling with education

Letters to the Editor

Some people may think that choosing the three Board of Education candidates to represent Marietta City School District and the Marietta community is comparable to a lottery, “pick three” and hope for the best. However, the Marietta Education Association (MEA) chose not to gamble with our ...

Old neighborhood stores are hiding in plain sight


Going to the market to buy food is something people have been doing for hundreds of years. Shoppers have certainly been doing this for much of Marietta’s history. Long before there were Walmarts, Giant Eagles and large Krogers there were simple neighborhood stores that slowly morphed into the ...