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¯ Two dogs belonging to Jason Wheeler, 6627 State Route 60, Marietta, were loose from the property Feb. 5. These dogs ran onto and across State Route 60, which impeded traffic. This has been an ongoing issue and a warning was issued in the recent past for these two dogs. Wheeler acknowledged the dogs were loose and advised he was not sure what the problem was. A summons is being requested for Jason M. Wheeler for failing to restrain his two dogs.

¯ A charge of failing to report a change of address for a Tier II sex offender was filed Friday on Christopher Joe White, 23, last known address of 461 High St., Macksburg, requesting an arrest warrant.

White was convicted on May 15, 2019, in the Guernsey County Court of Common Pleas on two counts of unlawful sexual conduct with a minor, a fourth-degree felony. White left his registered address prior to Dec. 17, 2020. On that date, a home check was completed by White’s probation officer, who was advised by residents he no longer resides at that address.

Attempts to contact White have been unsuccessful and he has failed to report to the Washington County Sheriff’s Office. A check on Friday was completed to ensure that White is no longer living at the registered address. A deputy was advised that he no longer lived there and has had no contact with him, nor do they know where he is living.

¯ Deputies were dispatched Friday to 630 Walnut St., Lowell, to a report for a squad. During the call, it could be heard that the caller was yelling at Dustin Whipkey to stay out of their purse. Whipkey had also obtained a loaded gun from the residence and went outside. He was located in the kitchen and was detained until it could be determined what exactly was going on. The caller advised Whipkey came in the front door, grabbed a juvenile’s leg and began to shake and squeeze it. Whipkey then threw the gun when he was outside, and they were unsure where it was.

Deputies located an Arminius 357 magnum revolver on top of a shed next to the residence, along with four empty cans of beer/alcoholic beverages on the kitchen table, along with a daily pill planner with an unknown variety of medication in it. Dustin Bradley Whipkey, 36, was placed under arrest and transported to the Washington County Jail. Once at the jail, Whipkey advised he had drank approximately four beers that evening. He also advised he had taken Flutrimazole that he had ordered on the internet. Whipkey was charged with tampering with evidence, domestic violence and weapons while intoxicated. Whipkey submitted to a PBT with the results being 0.089.

¯ Deputies were dispatched Friday to 270 Water St., Lowell, to a report of Anthony Hanes being belligerent and breaking things inside the residence. A woman advised she and Hanes had both been drinking alcohol this evening and became involved in a verbal argument and Hanes dumped a beer on her. At this time, the two went to the American Legion, and returned home approximately an hour later.

The two were in the bedroom and again became involved in an argument. Hanes grabbed the woman by the back of the neck and pulled her face first into the bed. Hanes then threw the TV remote and got up and punched the TV set.

She left the bedroom a short time later and called 911. Hanes was found in bed asleep. Once awake, Hanes was asked what had occurred and he denied anything happened. When asked if he tore anything up this evening he stated “no.” Anthony Lee Hanes, 44, was placed under arrest and charged with domestic violence. Once at the jail, Hanes was offered a portable breath test and tested 0.145.

¯ On Feb. 14, Deputy Gainer responded to the intersection of Clement Avenue and State Route 7/U.S. 50 in reference to the Belpre Police Department being with a female subject that just broke into an apartment at 1094 Clement Ave. Deputy Gainer met with Keri Rafferty, who believed her husband was inside that address. Rafferty admitted to going into the residence, knowing that it was wrong. The occupants of the apartment advised they could hear Rafferty outside beating on doors and windows. The occupants believed Rafferty climbed into a window and began breaking items and kicking the door. Rafferty was confronted and removed from the apartment. Rafferty was asked where her three children were and Rafferty advised inside the vehicle parked outside the apartment. Keri Marie Rafferty, 29, 604 West Fourth St., Williamstown, was placed under arrest and charged with burglary and endangering children. Rafferty was transported to the Washington County Jail.


¯ An officer responded Feb. 9 to 205 1/2 Montgomery St. Apt. C, in reference to a possible domestic violence. After the investigation, it was determined that Rolando James Rodriguez was apparently high on methamphetamine and struck his live-in girlfriend twice in the back of her neck with a closed fist. While attempting to take Rodriguez into custody, he actively resisted arrest, resulting in a brief struggle with the responding officers. He was arrested and charged with domestic violence, resisting arrest and obstructing official business.

¯ A school resource officer was informed Feb. 9 that there was word that a 19-year-old man was sending nude pictures to two juvenile girls. This case was transferred to the Washington County Sheriff’s Office, who already had an open investigation into the subject.

¯ A patrolman was dispatched to the Lafayette Hotel, 101 Front St., Feb. 9 in reference to a man refusing to leave. Upon arrival, it was found the man had previously trespassed on the establishment. As a result, Uriah Matthew Hill was arrested for criminal trespass.

¯ An officer was dispatched Feb. 11 to 205 1/2 Montgomery St. Apt. C, in reference to a burglary. The victim advised on the night of the above domestic violence, she had left the residence following the arrest of Rodriguez. She had left behind her purse, which had apparently been stolen.

¯ A patrolman was dispatched to the 400-block of Second Street on Feb. 11 in reference to two individuals arguing. Upon arrival and after the investigation, both individuals were identified and separated. They will be summonsed on charges of disorderly conduct fighting.

¯ A deputy conducted a traffic stop in the 700-block of Greene Street on Feb. 11. While on the stop, an odor of marijuana was detected. The driver admitted to the possession of marijuana and provided the product from the center console of the car. A summons will be requested.

¯ A patrolman responded Friday to Movement Fitness, 315 Gross St., in reference to theft of an orange backpack containing miscellaneous items.

¯ A unit was dispatched to Walmart on Saturday in reference to a theft complaint. Upon arrival, the patrolman learned that the unknown woman fled the area on foot wearing an $80 pair of boots she did not pay for. Officers searched the area, however they were unable to locate the woman. The investigation is ongoing.

¯ Units investigated the death of a 68-year-old man Saturday at 118 Woodcrest Drive. No foul play was suspected and the body was released by the coroner.

¯ A patrolman was dispatched Saturday to 205 1/2 Montgomery St. about the theft of a laptop.

¯ A woman reported falling asleep Saturday when a man she didn’t know, who was a friend of a family member, was in her motel room. When she woke up, her keys and her car were gone. The car with the keys were later located in a ditch in Lowell.

¯ Jeremy Ray Davis was taken into custody Saturday at 204 Dale St. on a warrant through the sheriff’s office for violation of community control and a warrant through Marietta Police for failure to appear on a driving under suspension.

¯ On Sunday, an officer began an investigation into pandering obscenity, social media solicitation, involving a 13-year-old.

¯ An officer responded Sunday to Walmart in reference to a theft that occurred Saturday. After speaking with loss prevention, the officer learned that a known man took a TV from the back wall in the store and attempted to return it. After the customer service employee advised him he needed a receipt to return the TV, the man left customer service and exited the store with the TV. A warrant will be requested on the charge of theft.

¯ Police also responded Sunday to Walmart on reference to a theft complaint that occurred Saturday. After speaking with loss prevention, it was determined the same man above tried the same scheme about two hours later. He again selected a TV from the back wall and placed it into a shopping cart. He then pushed the cart up to customer service, passing all points of sale, then tried to return the TV without a receipt. Loss prevention stopped him and he fled the store, this time without the TV. A second warrant will be requested on the charge of theft.


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