Schools in Logan locked down over mask incident

Photo by Janelle Patterson Protesters in support of Logan Hocking Schools Resource Officer Chris Smith stand outside of the Logan Police Department Thursday.

LOGAN – The Logan Police Department confirms Logan Hocking Local Schools were on lock down Thursday due to threats to both the school system and the police department.

Protesters with signs stating “back the blue, stand with Smitty and Smitty you make the world a better place” stood outside of the department.

The threats and protest are in response to an incident Wednesday evening at the eighth-grade football game in Logan against visitors from Marietta City Schools.

According to the department, Alecia D. Kitts of Marietta was forcibly removed from the game Wednesday by Logan Police School Resource Officer Chris Smith, who was working a special duty detail for the game. She was asked to put her face mask back on, would not, then was asked to leave the stadium and refused prior to the altercation taking place.

Kitts was charged with criminal trespassing before being released at the scene.

Heavy law enforcement presence was noticed on major routes headed into Logan Thursday.

See the Friday edition of The Times for the full story.


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