UPDATED 1 p.m.: DeWine visits area over pandemic concerns in SE Ohio

Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine steps onto the tarmac of the Mid-Ohio Valley Regional Airport in Wood County, W.Va. to speak with Southeast Ohio residents Friday. (Photo by Janelle Patterson)


Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine stayed on the tarmac of the Mid-Ohio Valley Regional Airport Friday to speak to both Southeast Ohio residents and bordering residents of West Virginia in a plea to again slow the increasing spread of coronavirus.

“It’s not so much about what I do as governor or what the health departments do, it’s going to be about how this plays out and we can avoid [shutdown]. We can keep our economy going, but we have got to take personal responsibility,” said DeWine. “I look at the mask and I know people don’t like to wear masks, I get it, but I look at this as really an opportunity for freedom. It enables people to go places.”

DeWine also spoke on issues of schools, internet access, liquor control and awaiting a second stimulus from lawmakers in Washington D.C.

“I’m here today to talk, frankly very candidly, to the people of Southeast Ohio,” said DeWine. “We know that the most vulnerable children don’t get a good education, generally, when it’s remote. So there are so many downsides to [shutting down]… If this virus really spikes up, schools are going to have no choice.”

10:45 a.m., Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine lands at the Mid-Ohio Valley Regional Airport on a stop in his Friday tour of Ohio to speak directly to residents of different regions. (Photo by Janelle Patterson)

For the full story see the weekend edition of The Marietta Times.

Original post at 11 a.m.:

Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine has landed at the Mid-Ohio Valley Regional Airport where he will discuss the increase in virus cases in Southeast Ohio.


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