Kitts enters plea of not guilty to football game incident

The case of Ohio v. Alecia D. Kitts was continued Monday with a written plea of not guilty on both misdemeanor counts in Hocking County Municipal Court in Logan. (Photo by Michele Newbanks)

Editor’s note: Kitts’ address has been updated by the most recent records from the last arrest address on file with the Washington County Sheriff’s Office to reflect that which is listed in the present Ohio court case against her in Hocking County.

LOGAN, Ohio –The scheduled arraignment for the Marietta City Schools parent arrested in Hocking County at a Logan-Marietta middle school football game last month was canceled Monday following a written plea of not guilty.

Court officials confirmed the written plea Monday at the time when Alecia Dawn Kitts, 34, of 140 1/2 Clinton St., Marietta, was still scheduled on their docket to appear.

Kitts faces two charges: resisting arrest, a second-degree misdemeanor; and criminal trespassing, a fourth-degree misdemeanor; following her alleged refusal to wear a mask or facial covering during a Logan-Marietta football game in September.

On Monday, court officials said her attorney provided a written plea of “not guilty” for both counts.

According to Logan officials in both the school district and law enforcement, the altercation resulting in Kitts’ removal from the game in handcuffs after getting tased was founded in a refusal to comply with school and state policy related to coronavirus.

Over the weekend, both supporters of Kitts and of Officer Chris Smith, known locally as “Smitty” gathered in Logan concerning the controversy.

According to residents in Logan on Monday, approximately 15 of Kitts’ supporters gathered in front of the Logan Police Department on Saturday and had pledged to stand in protest outside of Hocking Municipal Court on Monday.

No supporters or protesters, armed or otherwise, were seen outside the county’s municipal court Monday.

Supporter organizer Kevin Knight, of Logan, is also organizing and editing together a video of supporters under the caption “Stand with Smitty” through social media.

Next on the docket in Kitts’ case:

¯ The first pre-trial hearing in both cases CRB2000973A (resisting arrest) and CRB2000973B (criminal trespass) is scheduled for Nov. 17 at 1 p.m. in Hocking County Municipal Court.

¯ No date is yet listed for trial.

Kitts’ attorney listed in court records is Maurice Thompson.


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