Med Lab Tech program celebrates perfect pass rate

Photo provided Med Lab Tech student Alayna Vega blood typing in the lab.

The Medical Laboratory Technology (MLT) program at Washington State Community College (WSCC) is proud to announce a perfect pass rate on the American Society of Clinical Pathologists Board of Registry Certification from its Spring 2020 graduating class.

MLT Program Director Steve Temesvary said he’s extremely pleased with the recent test outcome. Graduates of this particular class were faced with the unprecedented learning situation imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic, yet still managed to perform optimally for the national certification exam. Temesvary speculated that the perfect pass rate could be related to a shift in technology use in the classroom. Two years ago, the MLT program was the very first WSCC program to go paperless. Books, lab manuals, presentations, and notes are all served electronically. These graduates are the result of that shift in classroom innovation. “When we moved to digital, it allowed our students to have all of their materials available any time they wanted to study,” said Temesvary. “As long as their iPad was charged, they could access their books. I feel like that played a big part in the success of these students.”

Temesvary confirmed that the MLT job market is strong and that a large number of program graduates are gainfully employed by local healthcare organizations. The Medical Laboratory Technician career path offers diverse job opportunities in areas such as hospital labs, clinics and doctor’s offices, many of which do not require patient contact. Moreover, MLTs are equally prepared to work in industry. “Whether it’s healthcare or manufacturing, if they have a lab that is performing testing or quality control, they’re hiring our techs.”

The MLT program at Washington State, in addition to the recent 100-percent pass rate on the certification exam, also boasts a near perfect job placement rate. Admission to the Medical Laboratory Technology program at WSCC is completed on a first-come-first served basis and applications are currently being accepted for Fall 2021. For additional program information, contact Admissions at 740-568-1900 or Steve Temesvary at 740-568-5689.


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