BREAKING: No visitors at Memorial Health System

Memorial Health System announced today increased restrictions to prevent coronavirus spread as the valley faces a continued rise in cases: no visitors.

“Starting November 24, we will not be allowing visitors into our facilities. Visitor exceptions for pediatrics, end of life care, maternity and surgery patients will apply and be shared by clinical staff,” reads a release supplied to the Times. “As members of our community and as health care advocates for all our patients, we have to make important decisions for our area’s health and safety; this is especially true now.”

The hospital reports a “surge” in patients testing positive for the novel virus and cites that surge as a reason for the increased restrictions.

“We understand the importance of an outside support network composed of close friends and family for recovery from illness,” the release continues. “We also know the best care is given in partnership with our patients and their loved ones. However, as your partner in health, we feel it is our responsibility to take all necessary actions to protect our patients, employees and community.”

The health system stated that it does “not take this decision lightly” but hopes to limit the potential for additional exposure to the virus.

See Wednesday’s edition of the Times for the full story.


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