MCF donates $2.K in gifts

As the clock strikes midnight on New Year’s Eve, the world will readily welcome in a new year and Marietta Community Foundation will be saying goodbye to three of their current board members while welcoming new board additions.

Dr. Bret Frye, Chairman of the Foundation’s Board, Marcy Wesel, Secretary of the Board, and Jennifer Christy will have completed two five-year terms of service to this community.

“I have learned so much from the board members who are completing their terms with the Foundation this year,” said Heather Allender, President & CEO of the Foundation. “It’s sad to see them go — I’ve had the privilege to learn from them for ten years – but I’m proud of the work they have helped us accomplish!”

To honor the service these board members have given to this community, the Foundation has purchased gifts 24 children enrolled in the Salvation Army’s Angel Tree Program this Christmas. Each child received gifts totaling $100, bringing the total purchase to $2,400.

“Although trinkets and other gifts are a nice gesture, our board members are dedicated to Washington County, and they would much rather give a gift than receive one,” said Allender. “that is why we chose to purchase gifts for local children in their honor… we wanted to commemorate their selflessness with a generous act in the community.”

Although the board members completing their terms at the end of this year will be missed, the Foundation is excited to announce the new board members who will be filling these seats, though they will wait until the end of the year to do so.

“We have some great personalities and members of our community stepping up to assist us in our work,” said Allender. “Rest assured, the future of Washington County and Marietta community Foundation looks very bright!”

The Angel Tree is a program that allows community members to purchase gifts for local children in need. After families register their children through the Salvation Army a tag is produced detailing the child’s first name and gift list. These tags are then disbursed throughout the community where citizens can pick them up and shop for their chosen child.

The last day to drop off gifts at the Salvation Army was Dec. 11. Distribution for the program was Dec. 17 and 18.


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