Honoring selfless sacrifices

Photos by Janelle Patterson Chapel of the Four Chaplains Honoree Jared Smith, right, blinks back tears while holding his daughter Liberty, as the story of the four chaplains is read before a gathered crowd Monday in the American Legion Post 64.
Left to right: Bernie Lyons, presents the Chapel of Four Chaplains Legion of Honor Humanitarian Award to Jared Smith, alongside Smith’s daughter Liberty, and wife Alison.
Mike Francis, right, recognizes Roy Trembly’s induction into the Cherry River Navy.
Will Yannitell accepts the recognition of junior legion of honor from members of the Chapel of Four Chaplains in Marietta on Monday.

A demonstrated commitment to selfless sacrifice was the theme of three recognitions in Marietta on Monday with a ceremony recognizing two awards ordained by the Chapel of Four Chaplains, and a third inducting a new admiral of the Cherry River Navy.

Honored on Monday were Jared Smith, William Yannitell and Roy Trembly.

Smith was awarded the Legion of Honor Humanitarian Award which recognizes a lifetime commitment to selfless service and societal advancement that has demonstrably affected the quality of life in the individual’s community or region.

Yannitell was recognized for the Junior Legion of Honor Award.

Trembly was recognized as the new admiral in the Cherry River Navy, a nonprofit focused on the good will and interests of West Virginia and commissioning admirals following their dedication to service of others, the ceremony Monday noted that only four U.S. presidents have also been recognized as recipients of the same award.


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