Proposed ordinance targets roosters

A city ban on roosters was introduced in Marietta City Council on Thursday.

At least, roosters without the appropriate bling: an anti-crowing device.

Ordinance 237 was introduced by Councilman Bill Gossett on Thursday.

The ordinance proposed an amendment to Chapter 506 of the city codified ordinances.

The chapter, named “Wild and Exotic Animals” currently lists 27 types of animal that are illegal to “own, keep, harbor, or otherwise have control … at any premises, or on any property, public or private, within the corporate limits of the City regardless of the size or location of the premises or property or the design thereof.”

Gossett’s legislation seeks to add roosters to the line banning game cocks and other fighting birds.

The ordinance saw no further action Thursday, though saw significant discussion in committee last week.

Also already banned to be kept as pets or in captivity as outlined by city law:

¯ All crotalid, elapid and venomous snakes.

¯ Apes (including): chimpanzees, gibbons, gorillas, orangutans and siamangs.

¯ Baboons.

¯ Bears.

¯ Bison.

¯ Cheetahs.

¯ Crocodilians when 72 inches in length or more.

¯ Constrictor snakes when 14 feet in length or more.

¯ Coyotes.

¯ Deer including all members of the Cervidae family including white-tailed, elk, antelope and moose.

¯ Elephants.

¯ Foxes.

¯ Hippopotami.

¯ Hyenas.

¯ Jaguars.

¯ Leopards.

¯ Lions.

¯ Lynxes.

¯ Monkeys.

¯ Ostriches.

¯ Pumas.

¯ Rhinoceroses.

¯ Sharks.

¯ Snow leopards.

¯ Tigers.

¯ Wolves

City law also notes four exceptions allowing for circus or carnival shows, veterinarians, institutions of education or medicine that would keep animals as live specimens for instruction or study, and commercial pet shops.

If the amendment passes in July, any individual in possession of a rooster that is not wearing an anti-crowing device could be found guilty of a minor misdemeanor.

In old business:

¯ Council unanimously approved Ordinance 228 on its third reading (waiver of sound ordinances during the Adelphia Outdoor Concert Series in July, August and October) and Resolution 94 on its third reading (a boilerplate application for the renewal of the Community Housing Impact and Preservation program with Washington-Morgan Community Action).

Other introduced legislation

¯ Ordinance 236: A financial piece of legislation appropriating $3,500 within the repair and maintenance line item of the lands, buildings and parks section; and $50,000 of unappropriated sewer funding to contract services for earth movement repairs

“More money that we’re spending on our wonderful River Trail problem,” said Finance Chairman Mike Scales of the latter expenditure before unanimous passage by the legislators.

With a suspension of the second and third readings Thursday and the automatic emergency nature of financial ordinances, the appropriations are authorized to occur today.

¯ Resolution 95: The proposed authorization of a park bench donation from Tina Siegfried in memory of Jerri Caskin at Camp Tupper near Third and Warren streets at the discretion of the safety-service director.


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