Frontier Local Schools BOE discusses mask policy

Frontier Superintendent Beth Brown (middle) discussed the Superintendent district report at Thursday’s Frontier Local Schools Board of Education meeting. Also pictured from left to are Treasurer Lee Howard and board member Jennifer Ramsey. (Photo by James Dobbs)

NEW MATAMORAS — Teachers, parents and even students attended Thursday’s meeting of the Frontier Local Schools Board of Education to discuss the district’s mask policy.

The Frontier board quickly started the meeting and moved to enter an executive session.

While the board was in session, the parents, students and teachers introduced themselves to one another, and quickly came to the consensus that they are against the mask policies in place in the Frontier school district. The attendees stated they want masks to be a choice for students and that vaccines should not be mandated. Frontier school district is not mandating vaccines.

Board member Jennifer Ramsey said the policy in place states that 16-year-olds and older that are vaccinated do not have to wear masks in school. Students who do not have an exemption not to wear a mask, only wear a mask when they are intermingled with other students. This policy was put in place at an emergency board meeting.

The attendees at the meeting believe that it is segregation to split students up based on the fact of whether they have a vaccine or do not have a vaccine.

Joani Reese, Vice President of Frontier Local Schools Board of Education, gives her opinion about the mask procedure at Thursday’s board meeting in the cafeteria of Frontier High/Middle School. (Photo by James Dobbs)

Ramsey said she is for all of the students wearing masks because the current policy causes division.

“Our goal is to keep as many kids in school as we can,” Ramsey said.

Parents stated that they will pull their kids out of school and will choose to homeschool their children if the mask policy isn’t changed to either all students wearing masks or that it is the choice of the family whether to wear a mask or not.

During the new business section of the meeting, Ramsey made a motion to put masks on everyone at the school when they cannot social distance.

The motion was passed with Board President Jeff Knowlton and board member Adam Snyder dissenting. Knowlton explained that he is pro-choice when it comes to wearing masks.

Lindsee Thomas, parent of children in the Frontier school district, reads a letter about her disapproval of the mask policy at the Frontier Local Schools Board of Education meeting in New Matamoras. (Photo by James Dobbs)

The next board of education meeting will meet Oct. 21 at 7 p.m. at FHMS.

Jennifer Ramsey, a member of Frontier Local Schools Board of Education, speaks about the mask policy that is in place in the Frontier school district, at the Frontier board meeting on Thursday. (Photo by James Dobbs)


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