Marietta Council hears complaints about George Floyd mural

The George Floyd mural being painted in early August.

A few local residents went before the Marietta City Council on Thursday night concerned about a mural on Front Street.

Marietta resident Derek Maynard said he finds the mural of George Floyd on the side of the restaurant TLV offensive.

He said when he sees the “mural of a criminal,” it cuts him to the bone. Maynard explained to the council the mural has no place in Marietta as he wasn’t from Marietta.

“He’s a criminal that unfortunately died at the hands of a police officer and he’s now being treated as a hero,” he said.

Marietta resident Tony Offenberger said he’s also offended by the mural.

“Why should we put up a mural of a criminal when they are tearing down statues?” he asked.

He said he drives by the mural every day and he would rather have a mural put up of a Marine or someone who’s “done something for this country.”

¯ ¯ ¯

A stream of resolutions and ordinances were discussed and passed during the meeting.

Ordinance 257 amended an early ordinance as to the step schedule salary and benefits for the clerk/administrative assistant to the City Council of Marietta.

Councilwoman Cassidi Shoaf said this was a long time coming. Council had talked in previous meetings about Jennifer Starkey’s role as clerk and the duties she performs. Shoaf said with this ordinance, they were adding “administrative assistant” to Starkey’s title and moving her pay scale up to where it is comparable to the pay of the mayor’s administrative assistant.

“She’s worth every penny,” said Councilman Bill Farnsworth.

Other adoptions include:

¯ Ordinance 160, which is part of the fiber optic project in town, said Councilwoman Susan Boyer.

“There’s a time crunch for getting it done,” she said.

The legislation proposed “cooperation with the director of transportation for the project which included pedestrian safety improvements at various intersections and midblock crossings, including curb ramps, rectangular rapid flashing beacons, signage, pavement markings, and signal timing, lying within the City of Marietta,” according to council.

¯ Ordinance 261 which directed Steve Wetz, the director of public safety and service, to purchase or lease a 2023 International HV607 4×2 dump truck for use by the wastewater department at a cost not to exceed $107,066.

¯ Ordinance 263, which temporarily suspends the operation of the Designated Outdoor Refreshment Area for Sept. 10 and 11, during the Ohio River Sternwheel Festival.

¯ Three resolutions were also passed “declaring the necessity and intention of the City of Marietta, Ohio, to appropriate certain interests in real property necessary for certain improvements for public use for the Water Treatment Plant Upgrades Project in the City of Marietta.”


At a Glance:

¯ Concerned citizens spoke about the George Floyd mural on Front Street.

¯ The city council clerk’s title and pay scale were amended.

¯ DORA will be suspended during the Sternwheel Festival.

Source: Marietta City Council.


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