Wolf Creek discusses masks, gas

Superintendent Doug Baldwin discusses the gas leak at Waterford High School. (Photo by James Dobbs)

WATERFORD — On Monday, Wolf Creek Local School District Board of Education met to discuss a gas outage at Waterford High School and a change in the mask policy.

Jacob Welch, a parent that attended Monday’s meeting, asked the board about vaccinations and if the school board has plans to mandate them for students.

Rachel Miller, the district’s treasurer, explained that in Ohio citizens have the right to opt out of getting vaccinations.

Superintendent Doug Baldwin went on to explain that the board was not planning to mandate vaccinations.

Welch went on to ask how the district is doing in terms of Coronavirus cases.

Baldwin responded by saying, “They are really down.”

He went on to explain that both the number of cases in the district and quarantines are down, but did not have the exact information on hand.

Baldwin said he will put out a letter by the end of the week stating that wearing masks will be a choice.

“It’s not about whether you believe masks work or not, I can keep kids in classrooms if they have them on,” he said.

Baldwin said he believes that the Coronavirus numbers are staying stable and are under control.

Waterford is redoing its gas lines and because of this Waterford High School does not have natural gas. Baldwin said the school has some gas supply issues, but it is being worked on. The high school will be having Jukebox Pizza, a local restaurant, for lunch on Tuesday because of the gas leak.

Baldwin said the board is working on putting in permanent air conditioning in the Waterford High School building. He said the board will use ESSER funds for this project. Baldwin hopes to have permanent air conditioning by spring time.


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