Council to consider 10 new items of business

Marietta City Council will consider one item of old business and 10 of new business today in its second regular business meeting of the month.

The position of a part-time clerk in the Department of Property Maintenance solely for the year 2021 (a trial-year, per past council committee discussions) is up for a vote today to serve alongside the city’s code enforcement official.

The pay scale and expected duties for such a new position have been a topic of frequent debate in Employee Relations Committee leading up to today and are the reason that the legislation was not introduced by that committee’s chairwoman, Councilwoman Cassidi Shoaf, R, at-large.

But Ordinance 156, now on its third reading, may now either be tabled or voted upon.

Federal funds

Also to be introduced are re-allocations of $467,975.92 Community Development Block Grant funds that were not spent in 2020 by the past configuration of the development office.

Earmarks noted within Ordinance 170 concerning those federal funds include:

¯ $7,000 reserved for Norwood redevelopment contractual services for Americans with Disabilities-Act compliant sidewalks.

¯ $10,000 reserved for the Start Westward Monument in East Muskingum Park.

¯ $2,500 reserved for an unspecified River Trail Guardrail.

¯ $6,000 reserved for the Historic Harmar Bridge, unspecified use.

¯ $15,000 reserved for contractual services to achieve ADA-compliant access at the Boys and Girls Club (located in the Lower West Side). See a future edition of the Times for review of the next phase of the renovations campaign for the nonprofit educational day program.

¯ $2,000 reserved for Flanders Field playground equipment.

¯ $1,000 reserved for a curb ramp(s) at Flanders Field.

¯ $10,000 reserved for the Washington County Historical Society, unspecified use.

An additional $95,709.12 within the more restricted Housing Programs umbrella of that federal program are also planned for allocation — including $29,582.34 for the city’s emergency repair program, $6,000 earmarked for slum and blight and $49,890 earmarked as “Supplies and Materials” a line item used in past years for the city’s Paint Marietta program.

Under the “Access Marietta” umbrella of the federal grant program, $126,142.76 are expected to be reappropriated including the following line items:

¯ $30,000 earmarked for ADA curb ramps.

¯ $30,000 for the resident-driven sidewalk repair program.

¯ $25,000 earmarked for contractual services concerning an ADA transition plan.

¯ $23,000 for River Trail lighting, unspecified locations.

¯ $5,100 for historical markers for the Civil War Roundtable annual marker effort.

¯ $4,000 for new trail map boards along the River Trail, a request which appeared for the 2021 fiscal year budget last summer.

¯ $1,000 for replacement tree planting.

¯ $250 for ADA parking sign updates.

¯ $7,792.76 in unspecified contingency funds.

See a future edition of the Times for review of these allocations proposed with endeavors to discuss these and the incomplete multi-year planning for CDBG for the city now slated under the new development administrator, Daniel Everson, who has only recently taken the reins of the office following the departure of two-time development administrator Mike Gulliver.

Other new business

In order to call for a vote on any new business, the voting members of council (Council President Susan Vessels is not a voting member unless called upon to break a tie if one or more members recuse themselves from a vote or are not present) must first vote to suspend the second and third readings of an ordinance or resolution and then, if that suspension passes, may vote on the legislation itself.

Also to be introduced tonight: Ordinances 165-169 and Resolutions 73-76.

Members of council still may choose to not introduce any of the new legislation up until the meeting begins at 7:30 p.m., and are not required to advance any of the new articles past a first reading.

Janelle Patterson may be reached at jpatterson@mariettatimes.com.


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