Local sweet shop gives back to the community

Photo by Janelle Patterson Kevin Zumbro, right, of Stockport, purchases treats for his daughter and grandson at Lisa’s Sweet Stop in Beverly from Shannon Webb, left, and Lisa Huck on Tuesday.

BEVERLY —“You just have to go with whatever comes along,” said Lisa Huck with her warm laughter filling the small shop on Fifth Street on Tuesday.

What came along right before Christmas was hurdle that took the support of the community to clear.

“It was me, I tested positive,” said the small sweet stop business owner.

2020 was a trying time for many small businesses, with concerns over how to keep on employees, keep doors open and keep the community safe as the coronavirus pandemic hit in waves throughout the year.

“When it first started back in March, last year, we did choose to close down for three weeks,” Huck reflected between delivery and pickup orders. “We didn’t have to because food establishments could stay open especially with pickup and delivery … We’ve been the lucky ones because we did have that option of the food truck and could encourage social distancing.”

And with a working relationship and a supportive customer base, the sweet staff continued to add a spoonful of sugar to an otherwise intense year.

“Especially after the summer I saw a lot of businesses change their signs to saying ‘Please help us stay open, just wear your mask,'” said Huck.

Then in early December, that first symptom manifested, and her heart dropped.

“I did not want to take a chance at all. So we just closed,” she described. “Thankfully they all came back negative and the health department has been so easy to work with and answered all of our questions.”

But closing still broke her heart, because that date was supposed to be one of celebration and support of others — two Mid-Ohio Valley families who had seen trials and tribulation in 2020.

“One was a family whose mother had been diagnosed with cancer and the other it was for their little boy,” summarized Huck.

Then last week saw the rescheduling of that opportunity to give back, and in four hours patrons showed their love.

“We raised $4,000 in four hours, it was amazing,” she said.

Shutting down right before Christmas couldn’t have been handled alone, while sick.

“It truly was because of the girls here, they got right on it and were on the phones calling everyone with orders and being on top of it, I didn’t hear one complaint,” she said.

“Truly it’s who we work for, she’s an incredible boss,” chimed in Shannon Webb before returning to the counter to serve Kevin Zumbro some sweet treats for his daughter and grandson.

What’s next?

“Oh we’re looking forward to Valentines and all of the love and ribbons,” said Huck.

Lisa’s Sweet Stop and the Sweet Stop Truck are gearing up already, with decorations inside the store and extra hands on deck planned for the chocolate dipped-everything.

“And the truffles and cookie cakes,” added Lois Strahler, giving Huck a hug.

The team of 18 are ready to continue sharing that love, even if socially-distanced.

Janelle Patterson may be reached at jpatterson@mariettatimes.com.


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