Police Reports

¯ The Washington County Sheriff’s Office received a request to complete a welfare check Dec. 30 on two dogs at 300 Summers Road, Marietta. It was reported that the dog owner left on vacation, leaving the animals with no one to care for them.

A search warrant at the home revealed two small breed dogs inside a small room in the residence. There were water and food containers in the room but the water containers were empty and dry. There were feces and urine all over the floor in this room and the odor was foul, and detected throughout the home.

The carpet near the door was ripped and the door frame was scratched as if the dogs were attempting to get out. There were puppy pads and blankets on the floor, which were duct-taped together and completely tangled and twisted around the terrier dog’s right front leg. The material around the dog’s leg was so tight it was cutting into the leg and created a large wound that appeared infected.

Both dogs were of decent body weight but were severely dehydrated. The dogs were seized and transported to a local veterinarian where they were treated. It was confirmed that both dogs were dehydrated. The veterinarian removed the material from the terrier dog’s leg and treated its wound.

A deputy made contact with the owner, Zandra Nutter, on Dec. 30 and she confirmed she was in Mexico at that time but was returning home late this same date. Nutter confirmed she left her dogs inside her residence but stated she had someone to care for them. Nutter stated the caregiver was at her residence “this morning” to check on the dogs. Nutter advised when she left the dogs had food and water.

Nutter was again asked if anyone checked on the dogs earlier that day and she stated the caregiver, Nina Oates, was supposed to but she hadn’t talked to her so she was unsure.

Contact was made with Nina Oates who reported she was at Nutter’s residence every day since she left for vacation on Dec. 25. Oates went into detail about caring for the dogs, stating that she had not been there yet this date, Dec. 30, but was going later in the evening. Oates was advised that the dogs had been seized. Oates stated she had checked on the dogs once a day.

Oates called Dec. 31 and spoke with a deputy, stating she lied about caring for Nutter’s dogs, and was never asked to care for the dogs, nor had she gone to Nutter’s residence any time between Dec. 25 and Dec. 30. Oates stated she received a call from Nutter and Gary Oates Jr. on Dec. 30 just before the deputy called her. Oates stated she was told to say she watched Nutter’s dogs while they were on vacation if anyone asked.

The dog warden made contact with Nutter on Jan. 6 and confirmed she did not have anyone set up to care for her dogs while she was on vacation. Nutter stated she didn’t realize it wasn’t OK to leave them as she did.

Nutter was advised of the conditions of the dogs and asked her to confirm she felt it was OK to leave for five days without care. Nutter went on to say she didn’t want to leave them outside as it was too cold.

Nutter confirmed the terrier did not have any injuries or wounds on its legs prior to her leaving.

The dog warden met with Gary Oates Jr. on Thursday. Gary was asked how much food and water was put in the room with the dogs before they left for vacation.

Gary stated what the dogs had but then stated he didn’t actually see it because Nutter had that done before he got there, but acknowledged he knew the dogs were being left at the residence without care.

Gary was informed of the severity of asking his sister, Nina Oates, to lie about caring for the dogs, in which he stated he was aware and they (he and Nutter) were flustered when they received the call about the dogs.

A summons is being requested for Zandra K Nutter, 35, of 300 Summers Road, Marietta, on a charge of falsification and cruelty to animals; Nina Marleene Oates, 33, of 628 Eighth St., Marietta, for falsification; and Gary Stephen Oates Jr., 36, of 200 Putnam Ave., Apt. A, Marietta, for obstructing official business.

A request is also being made to the court to forfeit the dogs, as well as an order be put in place prohibiting Nutter from owning companion animals. Restitution to the Sheriff’s Office for veterinarian expenses is also being requested.

¯ A deputy began an investigation on Jan. 5 into a cell phone being stolen. This case remains under investigation.

¯ A deputy began an investigation Thursday into a stolen cell phone. This case remains under investigation.

¯ A deputy was dispatched Thursday to 204 Seventh St., Beverly, to a report that Jessica Strode was possibly on drugs while caring for her children. After completing the investigation, the deputy filed charges of endangering children on Jessica Fawn Strode, 36.

¯ A deputy met Friday with Carl Pryor, Knob Road, Vincent, regarding a payment for services that was not completed. This case remains under investigation.

¯ Deputies met Saturday with Eric Morgenstern, 225 County House Lane, Marietta, regarding a Car Mate trailer being stolen.

¯ Deputies were dispatched Saturday to Vincent to an incident of domestic violence. After conducting the investigation the juvenile was charged as an unruly child.

¯ A deputy began an investigation Sunday into vehicles being entered in the Dunham and Belpre Township areas. This case remains under investigation.

¯ A deputy met Sunday with Tyler Hearn, Ohio 555, Cutler, who reported a Polaris 800S Razor side by side removed from his yard. This case remains under investigation.

¯ A deputy was dispatched Sunday to 912 Park Ave., Beverly, in reference to Jessica Strode sending threatening text messages to a woman. Jessica met with deputies and advised she only made conditional threats and no direct threats to harm the woman.

Jessica Fawn Strode, 36, of 600 Ullman St., Beverly, was placed under arrest.

¯ Corrections Staff was escorting Jessica Fawn Strode, 36, of 206 Seventh St., Beverly, while she was an inmate at the Washington County Jail on Monday. Strode was being combative and not adhering to jail rules or commands, continuing to kick the cell door. Officers were attempting to place Strode in a restraint chair when she pulled away and shoved one officer to the ground. A charge of assault was filed on Strode.

¯ Deputies responded Tuesday to 331 Hill Road, Cutler, in an attempt to arrest Jeremy O’Brien on an outstanding warrant. Tammy Renee Erac, aka: Vangorden, came to the door and identified herself as Tammy O’Brien. Erac allowed deputies inside the home and permission to search was obtained by another occupant. Deputies were advised that O’Brien hadn’t been there since the past Sunday when deputies were there. A vehicle that O’Brien is known to operate was parked there and a shotgun was found inside that vehicle. After completing the investigation Erac, 43, was placed under arrest and charged with obstructing official business.


¯ A patrolman stopped a vehicle Jan. 5 in the 100 block of Pike Street for a traffic violation. A K-9 indicated on the vehicle and a search located suspected methamphetamine and drug paraphernalia. Andrew T. Reed, 26, and Eric T. Kendall, 46, were both charged with possession of methamphetamine.

¯ Units were dispatched Jan. 5 to 741 1/2 Greene St. in reference to an attempted breaking and entering of a storage garage. Upon arrivals, officers spoke with the owner and took retrieved evidence at the scene.

¯ Units were dispatched Jan. 5 to Bridgeport Equipment in reference to a shoplifting. The suspect stole strobe lights for a vehicle and has been identified. Evidence was obtained from the store and charges are forthcoming.

¯ Patrolmen were dispatched Jan. 5 to 713 Greene St. in reference to a trespassing complaint. It was learned Dustin Carpenter, 28, and Robert Carpenter, 21, were there and both had active warrants. Both were arrested on the warrants and both were also charged with obstructing official business.

¯ A patrolman responded Jan. 5 to an apartment in the 1200 block of Cisler Drive in reference to a resident reporting people breaking into his apartment. Upon arrival, the patrolman discovered the suspect had discharged a handgun into the floor. It was learned the man was having a psychiatric episode and he was transported to Marietta Memorial Hospital to seek mental health assistance. The gun and ammunition were seized for safekeeping.

¯ Units responded to 129 Franklin St. in reference to a report of a man damaging a vehicle. It was learned the man had walked into a residence where his ex-girlfriend was, uninvited. He spit on the victim, threw a beer at her, and then threw two potted plants at her vehicle as he was leaving. He was unable to be located in the area and warrants have been requested.

¯ Patrolmen responded Jan. 6 to 701 Second St. in reference to a gunshot. Upon arrival, officers made contact with neighbors and eventually located a resident who had accidentally discharged a shotgun.

¯ An officer investigated the report of a domestic on Thursday. The victim had visible injuries upon arrival by officers. Aaron Michiel Lance was arrested for domestic violence.

¯ On Friday, an officer began investigating a theft complaint involving a caretaker stealing from a client/patient.

¯ Officers were dispatched Friday to Ridgewood Court Apartments in reference to a welfare check. Jamal Best was arrested for violation of a temporary protection order.

¯ Units responded Saturday to 820 Pike St. in reference to a man and woman unconscious in their car. Officers awoke both individuals and discovered through investigation, the man was illegally handling a firearm in a motor vehicle. Ace Staats was transported to the Washington County Jail.

¯ A patrolman investigated a domestic assault complaint on Sunday. The patrolman will request a warrant be issued for the man for domestic violence.

¯ An officer arrested Jordan Jefferson on a probation violation warrant after Jefferson turned himself in on the charge.

¯ An officer was dispatched Monday to Bridgeport Equipment, 15 Acme St., in reference to a shoplifting complaint involving a Ravin crossbow that had occurred on Sunday. A suspect has been identified and was located in Charleston, W.Va. A charge of felony theft is being referred to the Washington County Prosecutor’s Office.

¯ Units were dispatched Monday to the 200 block of Greene Street in reference to a group of women yelling and screaming in the street. Danyon Alexandria Winebrenner and Brandy M. Nutter continued to yell at each other on the sidewalk after they had to be separated by the police. Both were cited for disorderly conduct fighting.


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