School districts see new officials

With the upcoming year, some local school districts are welcoming officials to new positions..

Marietta City Schools has a change in its board members as Russ Garrison is the new president with Doug Mallet serving as the vice president alongside board members Stacey Hall, Mark Duckworth and Bill Hutchinson.

A few committee changes took place as well.

Hall serves on the business advisory council, IT and curriculum committees; Hutchinson is the chair of the finance, buildings and grounds committees; Duckworth also works with the buildings and grounds committee along with the athletic council and city recreation board.

Garrison will serve on the records, security and curriculum committees.

Jeff Knowlton will continue to serve as the board president for Frontier Schools and Joani Reese is the sitting vice president among fellow board members Jennifer Ramsey, Jarod Kiggans and Adam Snyder.

Board members will maintain their positions with the district’s 13 committees.

Board President Hugh Arnold and Vice President Scott Lang will continue to serve the Wolf Creek Schools Board of Education along with board members Greg Adams, Jeremy Barnette and Roger Doak.

Rachel Miller, Wolf Creek Schools treasurer, said Arnold, Lang and the board members work really well together.

“They communicate with each other. They work really well together and (make) the school district function the way they should,” she said.

Arnold has been the sitting board president for many years and Miller said he works with his colleagues to ensure the best decisions are made for students and staff.

“They have discussions but they listen to each other. They collaborate well and they come up with a solution that works well,” Miller said.

Committee and board members will remain the same at Warren Local School District with Bob Crum serving as the President of the Board of Education and Sidney Brackenridgte as Vice President alongside board members Bob Allen, Debbie Proctor and Debbie West.

The four committees, district operations, evaluation of superintendent, finance and evaluation of treasurer, policy and learning, instruction and assessment will also remain the same with the sitting committee members, who are also board members.

Fort Frye Schools named Kevin Worthington as the Board of Education President with Lloyd Booth as the Vice President.

The two switched positions as Booth was last year’s president and Worthington was the vice president.

While the district’s three committees remain the same, new chairs were appointed.

Johnna Zalmanek is the chair for the finance committee, Booth serves as the chair for buildings and grounds alongside Washington and Karri Schilling serves as the policy committee chair alongside Stephanie Lang.

“I think they will do a great job. Kevin has been on the board for many years and has a lot of experience,” Stacy Bolden, treasurer for Fort Frye Schools, said. “With Lloyd coming in as VP, I think he will do a tremendous job as well. I value our whole board and they work greatly together to do what’s best for Fort Frye.”

Belpre City Schools rotates among its board members so that each member has an opportunity to serve as president and vice president of the board.

Mike Miller is the new board president and Fred Meredith is the vice president for Belpre City Schools Board of Education.

Cathy O’Donnell, Brenda Church and Leonard Wiggins are fellow board members.

Church’s assignments will include Ohio School Boards Association Legislative Liaison, Negotiating Committee, Personnel Evaluation Committee for the Superintendent and District Policy Committee.

Miller’s assignments will be the Athletic Committee, Negotiating Committee and Finance Committee.

O’Donnell’s assignments will remain as Athletic Committee, Personnel Evaluation Committee for the Treasurer and District Policy Committee

Wiggins will continue as Ohio School Boards Association Student Achievement Liaison, Personnel Evaluation Committee for the Superintendent, Insurance/Wellness Committee and Buildings and Grounds Committee.

Meredith is Personal Evaluation Committee for the Treasurer, Buildings and Grounds Committee and Finance Committee.

Candice Black can be reached at cblack@newsandsentinel.com.


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